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Two Types of Blog Content For Luxury Realtors That Practically Write Themselves

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Blog content is one of the most effective real estate marketing ideas for a luxury realtor to attract leads online.

However, it’s also one of the most time-consuming aspects of your marketing strategy, which is why so many agents choose to rely on paid ads and online lead generation services before giving blogging much effort.

Though blog content can take up to 4-6 months to start making your way to the first page of Google, once you’re there, the payoff is invaluable. 

Can you imagine how much easier your real estate business would be if you had prospects coming straight to you who are ready to buy or sell? How much would that save you in lead costs?

When your blog posts include keywords that your prospects are consistently searching for online and on your blog, you have a greater chance of ranking on the first page of Google.

That means that when people search for a luxury realtor in your area, it’s easy for them to find you and give you a call—especially after reading valuable content on your website.

This is also one of the best ways to compete with online listing portals because it helps you stand out and establish your credibility right away.

The key is putting out content regularly, or outsourcing it if you can.

However, that can be difficult when you’re making appointments, hosting open houses, or are out in the field networking your way to real estate success. 

So how do you stay on top of creating blog content if you have to write it yourself? What if you’re not a good writer?Here are two different types of blog posts that don’t require much effort:

1. Community Roundup Posts

Community roundup posts highlight key businesses, places, and people in your community. Having mostly community-centric content on your blog not only shows prospective buyers and investors useful information about your area, it also positions you as a community expert. 

Even for prospects looking for a luxury realtor to list with, showcasing community-centric content shows that you’re well-connected and take your role seriously.

One of the easiest ways to create community roundup posts is by identifying key businesses and people in your community and giving them a short email, phone, or video interview to share on your blog. 

Some example posts would be something like: 

  • “The 5 Best Dog-Friendly Restaurants In San Francisco”
  • “The Best Yoga Retreats In Santa Fe”
  • “How One Brooklyn Teacher Is Making an Impact Around the City”.

To create these posts, simply call, email, or visit the business owners or people you want to highlight and let them know you’d like to feature them on your blog. 

If they agree, come up with a few questions you’d like them to answer or a topic you’d like to address, and have them answer by email, a recorded Zoom call, or in-person where you can take notes.

Their answers will make up the majority of your content, so you won’t have to stare at a blank screen wondering what to write.

Besides saving you from having to write unique posts every week, these posts work because they allow you to leverage these businesses’ and key figures’ established audiences. 

Most likely, they’ll share the post with their followers as well, which may get more eyes on your social media accounts and website. 

Most businesses are happy to help a local luxury realtor, since more people moving to their area means more potential business for them, too. 

2. FAQ Posts

Another simple way to come up with blog posts is to think of the questions you receive the most from buyers, sellers, and investors out in the field and use those in-depth answers as posts on their own. 

For example, if you work with entrepreneurs with irregular income and you tend to get questions about how to find the right lender, or what their options are for financing, write out the answer in a post.

If you don’t like to write and can’t outsource these posts, you can use Google Docs’ voice dictation feature and speak out your answer. When you’re done, you can clean it up and format your answer to look like a blog post.

Again, remember to do a bit of keyword research before you start to see what your prospects are actually looking for before you start. However, keywords aren’t as important as creating helpful content that people will want to read and share.

Want More Ways to Simplify Your Luxury Home Marketing Strategy?

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