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3 Reasons to Earn Your Certified Luxury Home Marketing Designation (That Have Nothing to Do With Money)

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Why would anyone invest the time and money into becoming a Certified Luxury Home Marketing specialist if the designation isn’t required to sell high-end real estate?

One of the mantras we like to share with our agents here at the Institute is to “ditch the pitch”, and we aim to operate under that premise ourselves. Our goal is to give you the most valuable content possible so that you can use us as a resource to grow your luxury real estate practice and have the kind of career that most real estate agents only dream of.

That said, we also realize that there are still plenty of luxury real estate agents, traditional real estate agents, and people who are just starting to consider selling high-end real estate who are still on the fence about earning the CLHMS designation.

Does it really make a difference? Won’t you make more money working in high-end real estate anyway?

While CLHMS designees do earn an average of $291,597 each year, which is almost double the income potential of earning an SRES designation, there are still a few reasons why earning a CLHMS designation is a smart choice—regardless of the monetary return.

Let’s look at a few:

1. It Can Save You Time On Your Marketing Strategy

The CLHMS designation includes access to a wealth of exclusive, time-saving tools that are all covered by your membership. One of our most useful tools is a monthly “done-for-you” Luxury Market Report. 

Our Luxury Market Reports provide an in-depth analysis of your local high-end real estate market and can easily be used as a monthly email marketing piece. 

Doing so can position you as an expert in your community and provide you with valuable content to share with prospects. It also gives you compelling content to share with your existing clients who may want to work with you again in the future and keeps you top of mind.

In fact, some of our most elite agents have used this concept to reliably pull in leads every month. 

Our agents also receive access to automated social media posts from our strategic partnership with RISmedia, which can save you hours every week on nurturing your social media audiences.

While these are just two of the tools certified agents get access to, they are arguably two of the most important since they can free you up to spend more time out in the field doing what you do best.

2. You Get Connected With Some of the Top Agents In the Country

If you’ve ever wished you could get inside the minds of some of the most successful real estate agents in the world, becoming a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist allows you to do just that.

Our Luxury Live events are open to agents who want to earn their designation, as well as agents who are already certified. Many of our most successful alumni still regularly attend these events to network, and have even credited their regular attendance for some of their success.

These two-day intensives are full of in-depth training to give you the latest luxury home marketing strategies, and also put you directly in contact with some of the best agents around the world who are happy to share their ideas with you.

3. It Gives You Confidence

No matter how long you’ve been selling high end real estate, it takes confidence to do it well. Having a sought-after certification behind you will give you an extra boost of confidence when you sit down with a prospect, or when it’s time to map out your luxury home marketing strategy with a seller. 

Because the Institute offers so many marketing tools, and because we’re part of an elite network, our designees are well-equipped for success by the time they’re out in the field.

Still not sure if a CLHMS designation is right for you?

Our podcast Estate of Mind can be found on every major podcast platform, including Spotify, Google, and Apple Podcasts, and gives you a sneak peek at some of the Institute’s best insights. 

When you subscribe for free, you’re getting bi-monthly access to our best, most exclusive content from our Members-only events, world-class instructors, and accomplished alumni. Find your podcast channel on our Estate of Mind Podcast page and subscribe! 


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