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How Your Online Content Nurtures Relationships in the Luxury Market

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In 2020 and beyond, having a clear understanding of how digital marketing can grow your business will be vital to your success. Adapting to real estate market trends in the luxury market like these can ensure your longevity as an agent or broker and make it easier for clients to find you. However, there’s still some resistance in the luxury market towards prioritizing online relationships with clients as much as interpersonal networks.

While there will always be a need to grow and nurture your interpersonal, real estate market trends overwhelmingly show that an increasing number of clients in both the traditional and luxury markets will start their real estate journey online to find an agent or brokerage.

It’s the philosophy behind the technology that counts

One thing most luxury real estate agents have in common is that they love connecting with people, but that doesn’t always translate into their online content. Along with understanding real estate market trends, our trainings are heavily based on how to create relationships with clients, how to provide them with real value, and even how to relate to different personality types. 

At first glance, it may seem like these skills only apply when working face-to-face, but the philosophy behind them applies to any format, regardless of time or place or real estate market trends. The goal is to connect and provide value first, not to make the sale.

For luxury real estate agents to succeed in the new real estate landscape, they will have to consider that their online content serves as a sort of ongoing conversation with their clients and prospects. If you wouldn’t bombard your in-person prospect or client with new listings without truly connecting with them first, then it’s not wise to do that online, either.

How to grow relationships online

If your online content isn’t solely to boast new listings, then what is it for? How do you really connect with your prospects and clients?

Again, the philosophy is the same as it is if you’re networking in person: to connect with people online, your content should showcase your expertise, community insights, and your listings.

Some examples are:

  • Highlighting local businesses 
  • Sharing interesting facts about the community
  • Nurturing existing clients with a weekly or monthly list of all of the local events going on in your area
  • Taking the time to post a quick blog post about the best advice you can give buyers, sellers, or investors based on current events or market trends
  • Publicly congratulating buyers after a close (if appropriate) to garner trust social proof for prospects who have been following along
  • A quick video of you introducing yourself again if you’ve just gained new followers on a social platform

We know that clients in the luxury real estate space are looking for a lifestyle and not just another house, and these examples are all ways to communicate your understanding of that even when you’re not face-to-face with a prospect or client.

Of course, sharing your listings is also important, but thinking of your online content as an extension of real relationships rather than a replacement is key. 

If you want to learn the timeless philosophies behind succeeding in luxury real estate, click here to take a look at our training options. 

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