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3 Types of Valuable Online Content for Luxury Real Estate Agents

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If you’ve spent any time trying to figure out how to grow your online presence to attract more clients, you’ve probably ran into the phrase, “add value”, more than once. But, “adding value” is tricky advice, since it leaves a lot of room for interpretation. 

What one prospect may find valuable, another may not. And as a luxury real estate agent, you don’t have much time to waste on creating content—or paying to create content if you’re delegating that task—that simply doesn’t resonate.

However, there are a few tried and true types of valuable content that luxury real estate agents can use when nurturing client relationships online. 

1. Marketing Reports

Luxury buyers and sellers are typically coming to you with prior real estate success of their own, so content that simply explains how the process works may resonate with some, but not everyone.  

Instead, sharing market information provides these savvy prospects with real value. One way to do this is a monthly blog post or email newsletter, much like the Institute’s own Luxury Market Reports, to let your audience know things like:

  • Total inventory
  • Average days on the market
  • Median listing price
  • A comparison of price sold to the price listed

Sharing this information along with other details will give prospective luxury clientele insight into how the market is behaving in your area. Following up with a brief, the expert summary makes this a well-rounded, effective marketing piece.

Consistently providing this kind of data not only provides value for your online audience, but also positions you as a reliable resource. 

Someone considering your area for a potential relocation or investment may not reach out to you the first time you post a Market Report, but may after seeing that you are always up to date on your local marketplace and can speak to the data you share. 

To save you time on your way to real estate success, CLHMS Members always have access to exclusive, done-for-you marketing reports with in-depth data on their local market that are ready to download and send out every month.

2. Community Insights

Beyond giving prospects the hard data about your market, offering a thorough snapshot of what life would be like in your area if they were to relocate or invest is another great way to become their favorite resource online.

And because real estate success is not just made by capturing new clients, this kind of information is valuable for existing clients and buyers who are already in your area, as well.

We already know that luxury real estate clients are after a lifestyle, so providing them with online content that showcases the type of lifestyle your area can offer is exactly what these clients are looking for.

Similarly, those who are already in your area still may not know as much about it as you do, and will appreciate updates on local events, new businesses, and other local news.

Some ideas for this type of content are:

  • Interviewing local business owners, like those from your favorite coffee shops, restaurants, or wineries, in a quick video for social media
  • Sharing when and where charitable events are taking place in a blog post or email
  • Taking a local yoga or exercise class and reviewing the experience in a quick video or blog post, and explaining why your city is the best place for anyone looking for an active community
  • Creating a blog post or social media post highlighting some of the pet-friendly dining options in your area

Putting yourself in your clients’ shoes and thinking about the kind of content you wish that you could see if you were to relocate to or invest in another area is the kind of content that you should be creating in order to hold your prospects’ attention. 

If you’re stumped, think back to the frequently asked questions you receive at showings about the area. The answers can be an inspiration for a story of social media, blog posts, and email! 

3. In-Depth Listings

Another simple way to provide valuable content online is by creating in-depth listings outside of your MLS listing to put on your website’s blog, or to send out in monthly newsletters. 

Because MLS listings limit the number of characters you can use to describe a property, sometimes it can be difficult to capture the story of a home in a few words. 

While having high-quality listing photography is a must for luxury real estate success, relying on it to tell the entire story of a property leaves a lot of great information on the table. 

One of the best ways around this is to pick one or two of your listings to highlight each month and write out a full, compelling listing that reads more like a short article to really give prospects a better glimpse of what that property has to offer.

These in-depth listings should be less about new paint and flooring and more about the kind of lifestyle one could have if they were to purchase the home.

Some selling points to think about while you write:

  • What does it feel like when you walk through the property? Is it airy and open? Warm and grounding?
  • What is this home in proximity to? Could they spend a day at the beach and come home to barbecue on its massive, open patio?
  • What kind of person would like to live in this home? Can you think of possible objections? How can you answer them just by telling the story of the home?

Having this kind of content available on your website or in your monthly emails give your prospects a better look at your inventory before committing to call you or see the property.

It’s also great for those looking at your content from your feeder markets who may not be a quick drive away to come for an immediate viewing.

Beyond that, it can help differentiate the properties in your inventory, since short MLS listings can be difficult to comb through for valuable details, and can end up looking like the same laundry list of bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage, and amenities.

Need more help with your marketing strategy?

Our CLHMS training not only gives you the skills to create your own luxury real estate success story, but also offers a wealth of free, done-for-you marketing resources to make it even easier to get there. 

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