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The holiday season can be a challenging time for many, as people become busy with preparations and events for several major holidays. However, this time does offer advantages for those who can look beyond the general chaos and understand how to leverage some seasonal opportunities. 

In a recent Estate of Mind Podcast ,Tami Simms and Jack Miller discussed recognizing and celebrating your most valued clients, the importance of understanding local neighborhood interactions, as well as seller requirements during the holidays. 

They also explored the delicate art of balancing festive décor with cultural sensitivity, when holiday decorations can be too much, and how the right and wrong perceptions can be formed at this time of year. Learn the hidden gems of hosting complimentary events that spread joy and magnetize potential clients into your real estate sphere.  

Connecting with Clients 

Holiday events are the perfect time to connect with clients and your personal sphere of influence to show your appreciation for their support of your business. Here are some tips that Jack and Tami shared on how to successfully and mindfully connect: 

-Your first step is to clean up your database of contacts, separating them into groups that best represent their impact on your business, from regular clients and great referral partners to someone you’ve met once or not heard from in a while. This will help you identify the type of “thank you” that is most appropriate, whether it’s a substantial gift or a simple card. Grouping your database also helps with budgeting considerations too. 

-Your second step is to connect at a more meaningful level, one that sets you apart and makes your relationship more memorable.  For instance, sending a gift or card at Thanksgiving is something rarely done and yet probably the most appropriate time to send thanks. Giving something they can use for the upcoming festivities, such as a door or table wreath, has a longer shelf-life and is not lost in the melee of other gifts. 

-Step three is to think about leveraging your connections without making it obvious. Holding a private function is expensive and can feel a little selective, but holding an event that your clients and contacts can invite their friends and family to can be a great way to create new relationships.  Check out the event that Jack holds every year. 

Getting a Sense of the Community 

Realtors are always asked about the nature or vibe of the neighborhood and nothing gives a better sense of community than the décor and camaraderie of seasonal events like Halloween and Christmas. Buyers can get a clear sense of the holiday spirit as they drive through the neighborhood and it can help a real estate professional to get a better understanding of what their client is looking for in their immediate community.   

Tami provides a great tip about photography during seasonal and local events as it can showcase the neighborhood’s community connectivity while enhancing the marketing of a property. 

Neighborhoods can also change over time, so it’s important to share with prospective clients why. A good example of this is an established luxury neighborhood that may not display many decorations, not because they are anti-social, but because the children have grown up and left, so their connectivity may be more subtle. 

Tips for Sellers During the Holiday Season 

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, selling a home during the holiday season has some great benefits! Here are a few tips to share with your sellers:  

First, buyers who are searching for a home at this time are rarely speculators. Typically, they have a much stronger need or desire to buy a home. Second, there is traditionally less inventory on the market, so buyers have fewer choices. Third, statistics show that holiday times are often when discussions and decisions are made about moving as there are fewer work responsibilities. 

Sellers need to be mindful of their seasonal decorations so that potential buyers can still envision themselves living in the home. For those not prepared to put the selling plans on hold, decorations and religious symbols should be kept to a minimum. In today’s market, the top requirement for most luxury buyers is “move-in-ready,” so the home needs to be prepared both inside and outside. Ensure that seasonal photography is taken as a special bonus that could help close the sale during this busy period. 

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