Great Client Gifts For This Festive Season

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We have gathered some of our favorite gift giving ideas to your clients during the upcoming festive season. 

Our top tip for this year is to focus on gifts that “keep giving”, ones your clients will want to use, showcase, hang and hopefully actually appreciate!  We hope our choices are ones that will have your clients remembering you, as well as making a lasting and favorable impression. 

We also recommend not to wait but to get ahead of your competition by presenting these gifts in the first week of December, as the items we selected can be part of the whole festive season. 

Our selection does not include any realtor-branded gifts because we feel a personal note together with a carefully selected gift is more affective in building recognition and remembrance. 

Also remember, you don’t have to give the same item to each client, tailor your choices to not only meet your budget but respect the level of your relationship. 

Bonus point: gifts that make your clients say, “where did you get that?” are a winner and sure to be talked about with friends and family. 


A beautiful wreath that can be placed either on the front door or as the centerpiece on a dining table makes a stunning visual reminder. 

Wreaths make a big splash but don’t have to be extremely expensive. 


While a classic gift, they can also add a different dimension if you personalize them.  See lots of options on Etsy

One step further, consider contacting a local charity as many make their own ornaments – not only are they often one-of-kind but they show your support of the local community. 


It might seem like an obvious choice, but a beautiful candle in a carefully chosen presentation makes for a delightful gift.   

On the theme of giving-back, organizations such as Bridgewater donate three meals to a child in need for every candle purchased. 


Now here is a gift that can be used throughout the year – creating a charcuterie board for the start of the evening or even at the end of a dinner is trend that is currently all the rage. 

Jump on our friend Amazon and there is a wide range of products available starting as low as US$29.00. 


Initially you may think, well that’s going to be expensive but once again our friends at Amazon  have this covered!   

If you recently sold your client a home, then you may have a fair idea of the décor in their guest bathroom. 


Here’s a fun idea that also gives back from Williams Sonoma – great for a family with little kids and first-time buyers short on space! 

This tiny waffle maker cooks four-inch waffles, and 30% of the proceeds supports the No Kid Hungry campaign. 


Another holiday classic but one that lasts for a long time over the festive holidays is the stunning Poinsettia.   

Whether its big or small there is always a spot for one of these wonderfully vibrant plants. 


If you have a client who might be upset receiving a present, but to whom you still wish to acknowledge, then a meaningful donation made in their name is both touching and memorable. 

If you know the charity they support even better.  If not, a local charity that looks after the homeless, children, or animals over the festive season is always a winner. 

When you make the donation, see if you can get a certificate so you can include it in your card. 


For those of you looking to give a tech device, on trend currently are keyless door locks or doorbells with video capability. 

But do your research as the prices and capabilities vary considerably. 


You may be intrigued to discover that many communities have unique local traditions over the festive season – sharing this with a client could be a ‘WOW’ factor, inviting them to join you if they are new to the area could truly add that extra touch. 

Maybe its tickets to a local festival or concert, buying a gingerbread house from local bakery, inviting them to a “cookie exchange”, or giving a gift card to support your local ‘Christmas Shop.’ 

We wish you all a wonderful festive season and hope some of our ideas and tips make your festive shopping a little easier this year. 

AND, just for the fun of it, we have also looked up a few local traditions from around North America to share with you: 

In the Southwest, in places such as Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Phoenix, locals place simple, folded brown bags filled with sand and lit by votive candles along their streets on Christmas Eve – to guide Mary and Joseph on their way. 

In the New England it seems that heading into one of the bigger cities to take in a holiday performance or enjoy the holiday lights or lantern tours at designated locations is very much a tradition for many families. 

Head over to the Northwest and a visit to the massive Sheraton Grand Seattle Gingerbread Village is a must.  Every year, Seattle’s architects work with the hotel’s culinary team to design and create some of the most incredible gingerbread displays. 

In Vancouver, British Columbia, a trip to the Santa Claus Parade is quite the treat. Travel a little further north you’ll find The Polar Express Train Ride – if you liked the movie then you’ll enjoy this experience, not to mention that the dress-code is: Pyjamas. 

Mobile, Alabama takes a run at the Guinness Book of World Records each year attracting more than a thousand elves to gather for the Elfapalooza in the city’s Bienville Park. 

In Cajun country, Father Christmas travels in a pirogue (a shallow-water canoe) pulled by a team of magic alligators. On Christmas Eve, Louisiana parishes light 20-foot tall bonfires to illuminate the path for Papa Noel. 

And let’s not forget one of the most famous traditions – the Christmas Tree Lighting at the Rockfeller Center in New York – followed by a skate around the sunken Ice Rink. 

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  1. I follow your podcasts and when Jack talked about the Christmas wreaths from L.L. Bean I knew my clients would love them. I have received several Thank you notes from clients already. Perfect !

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