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5 Types of Luxury Real Estate Social Media Posts That Grab Attention And Grow Your Influence

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Luxury Real Estate agents often have two big learning curves to overcome: how to network with affluent clientele, and how to network with them online. Interestingly, most agents find it easier to network with these high earners face to face. In fact, even if you’re comfortable with online networking, it’s easy to find yourself running out of online luxury real estate marketing ideas if you’re staying consistent.

An added challenge is that High-Net-Worth Individuals and Ultra High-Net-Worth Individuals typically have different social media habits than other demographics. Even the millennials who fall into these demographics use their social accounts a bit differently than other young buyers and sellers. 

Since these clients are busy and usually have many people and businesses competing for their time and attention, they spend less time on social networks. Rather than using them to pass the time, these clients use social media as a practical tool. 

This can be good or bad news for luxury real estate agents, depending on how you look at it. 

The good news is that since these clients use social media more for utility rather than pleasure, they’re likely already looking for you online if they need an agent—especially millennial clients. The right content will grab their attention and turn them into a lead. 

The bad news is that since they’re more selective with their time spent on social networks, you only have a brief opportunity to stop their scroll and earn their trust. 

That said, if you’re running out of online luxury real estate marketing ideas, here are five types of social media posts that can help capture your ideal client’s attention:

1. Listing highlight posts 

These are different than simply posting a link to a new listing on your Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. 

A listing highlight takes one interesting feature of a listing and highlights it with a semi-educational post. For example, if one of your listings has a gorgeous indoor pool, you might post a photo of it with a caption explaining the benefits of an indoor pool, then link to the full listing. 

This type of post does a few things: it gives your listing air time and lets your seller know you’re marketing their listing, but it also provides value for your entire audience, whether or not they’re interested in that particular listing. Also, depending on how well your caption educates your audience, these posts can help position you as an expert.

2. Community posts

If you’ve stayed on top of our Luxury Market Reports, you’ll know luxury real estate clients are interested in buying experiences now more than ever. Dedicating at least one or two of your social media posts each week to what’s happening in your community, or highlighting local businesses, helps sell the experience they can expect from buying or investing in your area.

Another advantage of this type of post is leveraging the established audience as it helps to create better relationships locally. When you post about another business, let them know. Tag them and send them a quick message telling them you’re featuring them on your social media accounts because you appreciate their business.

Often, these businesses will appreciate the free marketing and share the post on their account, too, giving you the opportunity to leverage their established audience. 

3. Market Reports

These posts are especially important for attracting affluent clientele. These clients are typically real estate savvy and appreciate a professional perspective on market data. Since a market report can be rather in-depth, you can choose one aspect of your market report to talk about each week. For example, you may talk about the average sale price in your area one week, and the following week, talk about trends you’re seeing, like an increase in condo sales or attached homes.

4. Buyer/Seller Tips

Even though it’s safe to assume most luxury real estate clientele know more than the average buyer or seller, there will always be new luxury buyers and sellers in the market. Often, we assume everyone knows the intricacies of buying and selling in this market if they’ve made it this far, but there are still plenty of people who don’t. For these posts, simply think about the questions you’re asked the most in the field and answer them.

5. Testimonials

If you’ve spent any time searching for real estate marketing ideas, you may already be familiar with “user-generated content”. User-generated content in the social world is any content that has been posted by other users. In real estate marketing, this means testimonials. It may feel uncomfortable to share great things people have said about you, but working them into your social posts helps build credibility. 

Most Importantly, Stay Consistent

If you’re familiar with our “Ditch the Pitch” concept, you’ll see these types of social posts help you sell your services without feeling salesy. The main goal of these posts is to position yourself as a resource, not a salesperson. It takes time to do this, so consistency is key. You could use each type of post for each day of the week, which also helps create some predictability for your prospects to look forward to certain content.

If you need help with regular social media posts, Institute members can take advantage of our strategic partnership with RISmedia for automated, luxury-specific social content. 

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