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The Right Way to Ask for Testimonials and Why It’s Important

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Creating social proof around your services is one of the keys to real estate success, but asking for testimonials can be uncomfortable even if you’ve provided a great experience for your clients.

Real estate agents in general tend to be “givers” and nurturing our client relationships always comes first. So, it’s not surprising that asking our clients to do something for us at the end of the transaction can feel uncomfortable.

However, most people actually like to give their opinion and are happy to help you after you’ve helped them. If you ask the right way and make it easy for your clients to provide you with a testimonial, chances are that they will be more than willing.

With so many luxury real estate agents to choose from (and more entering the industry all the time), the social proof that testimonials can provide will easily give you a significant advantage over other agents. 

Since most buyers and sellers look for agents online these days, having written or video testimonials is an absolute must to highlight on your agent website and use throughout your social media strategy.

Here are a few ways to ask for testimonials the right way to ensure your real estate success:

1. Don’t Wait Too Long

Yes, there is a lot that happens during a real estate transaction. When it’s over, we’re ready to move onto the next one on our list! 

But before you do, it’s imperative to get a testimonial from your client while the excitement and relationship are still fresh.

Most agents worry that their request for a testimonial will “bother” their clients, but think back to the last time you got such great service that you just had to tell someone about it. It was probably right after you received that great service, right? 

Now think about how excited you were about that services a few months, or even a year later. The experience didn’t change, but you probably wouldn’t feel quite as compelled to rave about it.

2. Ask the Right Questions

Simply asking for a testimonial and leaving it open-ended can be overwhelming for clients, while the goal is to make it as easy as possible. Create a short questionnaire asking questions like:

  • Why did you choose me over other agents? 
  • How was I able to help you overcome [name a specific challenge]?
  • What could I have done differently?

These questions help give your clients direction so that your testimonial doesn’t become a big task that they feel obligated to complete.

3. Let them choose the format

Some people will feel more comfortable giving you a written testimonial, while others may feel more comfortable giving you a video testimonial or discussing it over the phone or taking a survey that you create with Google Forms or a tool like SurveyMonkey

Giving your client options makes it easy to complete your request in a way that makes the most sense for them.  However, regardless of the option they choose, make sure you get their written or verbal consent to use their testimonial in your marketing.

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