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A Luxury Livestream Review With Luxury Professional Riette Jenkins

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Not sure if Luxury Livestream is right for you?

During this period of change and reflection, supporting your professional growth and helping you fine-tune your luxury real estate marketing strategy is important to us. Our goal for you is to emerge stronger than ever before, and we’ve made some changes to our program to help you achieve just that. 

What to Expect From Luxury Livestream

With our Luxury Live events postponed for the time being, our Luxury Livestreams are here to welcome you into the Institute’s membership and offer you the same real-time instruction that our Members receive at live events, whether you’re an independent agent or part of a team. 

This live, 2-day online event will give you the tools to market properties with confidence and offers insights on the latest buyer and seller trends in this ever-changing niche. 

We’ve been incredibly honored at the response to these events, and recently spoke with a new Institute Member, Riette Jenkins of Wailea, Hawaii, whose first-ever training with the Institute was one of our most recent Luxury Livestreams.

Riette is an independent agent and broker serving the luxury market in Maui, Hawaii for the last 32 years, and says the sheer amount of actionable content provided in our Luxury Livestream took her by surprise. 

“I can tell you this, I took notes…and I sat there on Sunday reviewing my notes. I haven’t done that in any of the other courses I’ve taken before. There was so much content, I was so excited…I had to prioritize what I wanted to do first.”

Being an independent agent and broker gives Riette a unique perspective, as most agents who attend our training come from big real estate brands. 

“Since I’m not with a brand like Coldwell Banker or Sotheby’s, it was really important for me to create my own personal brand, and I think the Luxury Livestream training will help institute what I’m really looking for, because I’ve had to create it on my own for the last 32 years.”

Get Exclusive Access to Proven Luxury Marketing Tools

As for finding the right marketing tools as an independent agent in the luxury space, Riette explains there’s always been a bit of a challenge, and that our Membership tools are one of the best parts of attending the training. 

“I have never been able to use generic marketing tools because I have always been in the luxury market …It’s all about creating my own brand and adhering to the standards of a luxury buyer or seller. 

I think the tools you have for helping us build a luxury presence are just superior to anything I have seen to date.”

Master Luxury-Specific Marketing Techniques

And as for the content itself? Riette says the luxury-specific focus makes a big difference. 

“There are many courses you can take, but they’re very generic. They’re for the traditional Realtor. Because when you’re dealing with a luxury clientele, you really need to know it intimately, you need to live it, you need to breathe it, and you need to know how they think. 

I’ve always gotten something out of other trainings, but I’ve never gotten detailed information with a different approach or a different way of looking at things.

I have not been able to do any of the Luxury Live in person, but I look forward to the day I get to do that. ”

Could This Be the Edge Your Luxury Real Estate Career Needs?

No two Luxury Livestream trainings are alike, and each one presents the unique opportunity to learn from seasoned luxury professionals. We dive into topics like smart home technology, building relationships with luxury clientele, and so much more. Even if you’ve attended one of our trainings in the last few months, there’s already new information to digest. 

And while most continuing education teaches tactics, our program teaches principles. Principles that help you internalize what it takes to reach success in the luxury real estate market, whether you’re an independent agent like Riette, or part of a big real estate brand.

On a closing note, Riette says, “It was helpful to shift my mindset and think outside of the box. You gave  me some tools I didn’t have before that I think will be very valuable in how I perceive buyers and how to create and present information the way they want to hear from me.”

Ready to master your luxury real estate marketing strategy? 

See our Luxury Livestream schedule here.

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