Selling Luxury Homes with Confidence is an Art Form

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Marketing is storytelling. In the luxury real estate market, the story you are telling is one of a home, a lifestyle, and all that the home represents. Knowing a client’s interests, values, and way of living are key components to how you tell a home’s story. However, you cannot do this without a thorough knowledge of the lifestyle or without acknowledgment that each home is unique and holds unique value.

Selling with confidence depends on the knowledge you possess and the uniqueness and value of each property – including the negatives and how to spin them into selling points. Ultimately, selling luxury real estate is about gaining a client’s trust, not selling a product.

Telling the story of the home is an art form. Use these 4 methods to hone your skills and allow you to sell luxury real estate with confidence.

Story-tell to the right prospects.

Essentially, you have to learn that not every potential client is the right client. Learn to determine which clients are worth working with and which are not. The right clients will understand your language and recognize the story you are telling as familiar. You must be willing to sacrifice working with potential clients who will write off a property because of one negative selling point. If one client does not want a gorgeous and unique home because it sits on a main road, another client may find that living on a main road streamlines their daily commute. One person’s negative is another person’s positive.


Use niche marketing.

Targeted marketing is more effective than mass marketing and it saves money. Think about the type of client that would live in the home you are marketing. What does their lifestyle look like? What do they value? What kind of media do they respond best to? Determine who your target market is and sell specifically to them using tailored marketing that will speak to their values, preferences, and lifestyle.


Write compelling ads.

The language you use to advertise a home must speak to the type of client you wish to attract. Pay special attention to your headline, as it should get the attention of the target audience and entice prospects to read the story of the house. Clear, concise language that creates curiosity, generates emotion, and allows the readers to see themselves in the home is essential for creating a compelling ad that sells. Remember: more told, more sold.


Stage the home properly.

Discussing staging with luxury clients can be a bit tricky. Each client has lived a certain unique lifestyle within their home, but it may not appeal to all buyers. How a client lives in a home and how a client sells a home are very different. Your client may love mid-century modern decor, potential buyers may not. You must stage a home in a way that is general enough to appeal to a broad spectrum of buyers, but niche enough to reach your target market.

Essentially, selling luxury is all about telling the right story to the right people.

Do your research, know your audience, and use their language. Selling with confidence may not come naturally, but with these tips, you are closer than ever.

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