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This month our Member Spotlight series introduces Elizabeth McQueen of Vancouver, BC, Canada. Following up on Elizabeth’s success as the winner of The Institute’s award for the Best Marketing Strategy in 2016, it is clear she continued to integrate this strategy into her business over the last few years.

Understanding her methodology of success will be especially relevant for those currently working in North America’s shifting luxury market, as Elizabeth has been experiencing Vancouver’s new reality for the last two and half years. In mid-2016Vancouver experienced a dramatic downshift in demand due to the implementation of a slew of taxes and regulations which affected both local and international buyers.

As we get to know Elizabeth we will see how her focused approach and dedication to her business, including being a Member of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, has assisted in maintaining her dominance in the luxury market.

Elizabeth’s Mantra

The mantra Elizabeth brings to her work, life and passions is “expect more than ordinary” and her story and her service are both truly extraordinary.

High-end real estate agents come from all walks of life. None of which is truer than Elizabeth who, after working in the male dominant arena at Agriculture Canada while studying for her degree in Urban Land Economics, now serves Vancouver’s luxury real estate world through Luxury Global Estates and RE/MAX.

With a diversity of interests ranging from education to economics, interior design to travel, Elizabeth now helps her clients find the perfect high-end location for their dream home and experience. This is thanks to a network of global connections and a track record of distinction, dubbing her the “Queen of Champagne.”

Elizabeth finds her Real Estate Niche

Elizabeth’s background and experience has led her to focus her business on two distinct niches. The local Vancouver luxury real estate market and Europe, where she helps clients find a second home, either a one-of-a-kind Parisian pied-à-terre or an executive retreat.

While in Canada, she loves to remind her clients why Vancouver is one of the best places to live. Her clients range from athletes to international buyers and executives looking for the perfect place to relocate. It never gets boring.

In her words, “I still really enjoy seeing how people live—to see the thought in their choices for art, design and who they worked with through the process. Rarely does anyone do this alone; it’s a very collaborative effort.”

She works and travels internationally with a curated group of high-end real estate agents in Europe, which continues to show her the very different styles each country considers to be ‘luxury.’

“The more I see, the more I can add to my experience and integrate it into the preparation and marketing of my next luxury property.”

How Elizabeth invests in her Business

Elizabeth recognizes her work ethic is an investment in time, money, patience and creativity. From curating and developing her relationships with leading luxury brokers from around the globe, keeping abreast with local and international trends to reviewing how to innovate her marketing strategies and methodologies.

Whether its learning how to work more effectively with the affluent in this modern world, developing relationships with leading luxury brokers around the globe or furthering her education, Elizabeth’s commitment has led to an accolade of awards and achievements.

Elizabeth has learned to embrace quick calls, texts and emails because “people are busy and a quick phone call just to say ‘hi’ can hit the sweet spot in my opinion. But other times I recognize the need to be more personal and host a full-on dinner experience.”

Equally it was important to become part of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing because “it provided great insight into an area that I was already working in, but had very little formal education. Now at Guild level membership I am able to have something tangible to show I have both the credentials and the experience to assist in the sale of their home.”

This strategy has resulted in Elizabeth being consistently ranked in the top 5 percent of realtors registered with the Vancouver Real Estate board.  It has earned her the Titan Club Award through RE/MAX, and a distinguished honor as a top achiever among the top 100 agents in Canada. She has also been awarded the prestigious Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement Awards, placing her among the top real estate professionals in North America.

Leveraging Success

Elizabeth believes it is the combination of integrating these various investments into the daily practice of business that has enabled her to reach an unparalleled audience of buyers and sellers worldwide.

She is quick to acknowledge that success takes time to develop and grow. There is no easy magic button. Instead it is the critical implementation of a consistent strategy, allowing for market shifts and variables, that ensures there is a strong foundation of continuing success.

For instance, “being effective at taking a listing is only the start. Following through with all the marketing and bringing the sale to a close is really what you’re there for. Not every agent has the experience to power through the often-complex transactions that result from seven-and eight-figure real estate deals, so your negotiating skills are extremely important.”

She credits her membership with The Institute in teaching her how to showcase her abilities and success, but in a way that is both professional and respectful to potential clients.  It has helped her understand how to stand out from the crowd by leveraging its great training, on-going resources and continual updates on strategies and luxury insights.

Beyond the Ordinary

Elizabeth appreciates being recognized for her ability to go beyond the ordinary by being a proactive advocate for her clients. The result of which is a global reputation as one of the most honorable and respected top luxury real estate professionals in her area.

“Elizabeth McQueen is one of the smartest and most competent business people I’ve ever had a chance to deal with,” states Milena Zdravkovic, a motion picture and film concept designer and architect. “Her determination and tireless energy to meet the needs of her clients is beyond any expectation. Her approach is driven by a vast knowledge gained by years of experience but is truly based on a very human and caring level to help people find that perfect space they can call home.”

Dedicated to the local community as well as the world of real estate, Elizabeth is an ongoing supporter for Backpack Buddies, the Children’s Miracle Network and the Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation. Her additional free time is often spent enjoying the latest foodie places when travelling and great wine with friends.

When it comes to the upper-tier real estate market, Elizabeth truly knows how to turn the ordinary into extraordinary as evidenced by her award-winning career, her many repeat clients and her attention to detail.

Advice to other Real Estate Professionals

“I would say to anyone looking for a way to elevate their real estate business, find the tools that help you grow. And the many options offered through the Institute will truly help guide you in a systematic approach and take you to that higher level.”

These are two great tools Elizabeth uses and recommends:

The Online Wealth Look-up (OWL).  A favorite resource for Elizabeth as it allows her to get a quick snapshot of a prospective client.  The information provided has assisted her getting much closer to understanding her client’s way of thinking by analyzing the research.

Another product is the Market Reports provided by another preferred vendor – Real Marketing – which she attributes to opening up her business’ growth.  “I’ve actually had owners call me and say although they weren’t ready to sell yet, when they are, I would be the only one they’d use. In this age of technology who actually picks up the phone just to say they appreciated something you mailed them….this always makes my day.”


  1. We’ve worked with Elizabeth McQueen for years and we highly recommend her. She knows the high end Vancouver market very well and she is a tough negotiator while being very personable and professional. She’s also a very caring and warm person who supports the local community in many ways.

  2. I can’t say enough positive comments on our dealings with Elizabeth McQueen.
    Our Vancouver townhouse was not an easy sell, but she persisted in her good natured way and of course eventually sold it for us.
    Lucky for me, since I got to connect with her for what seemed like endless showings, we developed a lovely friendship.
    Elizabeth is an extraordinary realtor, lady and friend.
    She’s quite simply, amazing !

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