How to Become a Big Thinker for Your life and Business

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You may believe that only certain people get “lucky” when it comes to the perfect careers, relationships, and lives, but the people that have this so-called luck have learned that there is indeed a method to getting to where you want to go. These people didn’t trip and fall into success, but trained their minds to push past others’ limitations, and more importantly their own.

Most people keep themselves from succeeding by the limitations and boundaries they put on themselves through their own thoughts of inadequacy and doubt. You can learn to break those barriers by changing your thinking and becoming, what some like to call, a “big thinker”.

The Power of Habit: a Big Thinker Looks at Everything

In order to become like those who think big, and not only think but then turn those thoughts into actions, you have to be able to change your daily thought process; you have to make thinking big a habit.

What do your daily thoughts have to say about your present situation and about your future goals? Are you thinking big about mundane tasks AND major projects? Do you understand the capacity that you have to impact someone else’s life, the world, and your own life?

What would happen if you could begin thinking big about everything in your life? Perhaps the limitations you once set for yourself would seem surprisingly restrictive and mediocre.  

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Have you ever spent time with someone who is extremely fashionable and it makes you rethink your closet and begin putting more effort into your style? Or have you had a conversation with an extremely successful business entrepreneur and it motivates you to start a new business or chase after goals you were too scared to pursue before? These people are able to think outside of the box, outside of their comfort zone, and portray this confidence to be who they want to be. By spending time around big thinkers, you too will become more confident, thinking that maybe if they can do it, so can you.

A child believes they can do anything their older sibling can do and because they can think big, past their own abilities, they become brave in actually stepping out and making it happen. Put yourself in the shoes of a billionaire, top-selling music artist, or even a child for that matter, and try to see things from their perspective. How would they envision their life, their career, their next step?

The key to shifting your perspective and developing the habit of thinking big involves stepping outside of yourself and into another persona — essentially becoming someone you are not, yet someone who will help you see things a little BIGGER, better and far more creatively.” (IQ Matrix Blog).


A Big Thinker Integrates Their Lifestyle

We all know as humans, habits are not easy to break or make. It takes dedication and focus. It also takes us consciously being aware of the habit we are trying to break or get to stick, which means spending time trying to make that new routine a priority every day. Thinking big doesn’t come naturally to everyone and if you are one of the many who thinks more logically or with restriction, it will take some time and a lot of effort to make thinking outside of your comfort zone an everyday activity.

Some keys to making thinking big a habit include:

1. Positive reinforcement – using positive words and thoughts to reflect on your current situation and your future goals puts you in a mind frame to achieve bigger things.

2. Practice every day – consciously try to think past your own perspective about your daily habits, your career, your future, and your relationships.

3. Problem-solving – think about every problem or obstacle you face from a solution-oriented perspective. How can you change the current situation or make the problem better?

4. Make Plans – not small plans, BIG plans. Make a vision board, write down your dreams, and pursue the unthinkable.

Taking small steps everyday will help change your mindset and make thinking big a part of your new everyday life.


A Big Thinker is Bold But Calculated

Thinking big doesn’t mean thinking crazy. A successful entrepreneur didn’t get to where he is by making rash decisions. It is important when thinking big to be bold but to also take calculated and smart risks.

People often fear not having a set plan or having to risk too much. Risks are a big limitation for most people because taking a risk puts them too far past their comfort zone. Thinking big doesn’t mean you have to sell all your belongings and start a brand new business, it means looking at what you can do with where you are and trying to push yourself to be bold in your problem solving and goal setting for where you are.

Setting your goals too high can be counterproductive and lead to feelings of being overwhelmed or stressed, but you should be able to make bold decisions based on your current goals and obstacles.

Thinking Big Leads to Big Things

Thinking big opens up your mind to bigger possibilities and pushes you to think outside of the box and pursue your goals, without limitations or restrictions. The key to becoming a successful big thinker is to focus on your strengths and natural abilities and then to challenge yourself to better in all of those areas. Surround yourself with people who have ambition, determination, and do not fear mistakes. Let them help push you to your full potential. Lastly, understand that there will always be obstacles, but big thinkers find ways to solve problems. Those who think big are solution based thinkers and they know that they can always do more, change the situation, or be better. Think big and do big. Don’t limit yourself by fear or doubt. First, believe you can and you will.

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