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4 Tips to Grow Your Sphere of Influence Online in 2020

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With most states still enforcing restrictions on indoor public spaces and in-person networking events, knowing how to network online is now key for breathing new life into your luxury real estate practice.

Fortunately, it’s easier than ever to grow your network and stay connected with your sphere of influence when you can’t meet face to face. Additionally, the online networking strategies you learn to use now can prove beneficial in obtaining new real estate clients down the line.

In fact, knowing how to get real estate clients online can give you an extra boost to keep new, fresh leads coming in going forward.

But until we can all meet again safely, here are a few tips to keep in mind while you network remotely:

1. Become the Most Interesting Person In “The Room” 

While the setting may have changed, the golden rule of prospecting is the same: people are drawn to interesting and valuable information– not your sales pitch.

That means when you decide to join online groups, digital masterminds, or create your own social posts, lead with your expertise.

Share things like:

  • Hyper-local market information;

  • Vendor recommendations;

  • Buyer and seller tips specifically for your area.

The Institute’s done-for-you Luxury Market Report has all the information you need about your local market to make you the expert wherever you decide to show up online.

And keep in mind, you’re still communicating with real people. When you leave comments, start conversations, or create posts in online public spaces, it’s best to keep it conversational yet professional, just like you would in person.

2. Join Your Local Facebook Groups

If you want to get real estate clients online without relying solely on paid ads, it’s worth joining your local Facebook groups.

Just about every community has their own Facebook group, and if you haven’t joined yours yet, you might be missing out.

Community groups on Facebook are usually where local residents will ask questions about everything from real estate recommendations to posting about their lost pet.

Chances are, there are at least a few questions you could help answer throughout the day and a few recommendations of your own you could make to add more value to the group.

These groups are a great place to talk up the best local restaurants, share about community news like local fundraisers or events (if you’re in an area with less restrictions), or interesting facts about the community.

Showing up in these groups consistently helps build local connections and increases exposure. With trust being built within your community, it’s only a matter of time before you’re recognized as a real estate expert by a large group of people who could potentially partner with you to buy or sell a home.

Another important Facebook group to join? The Institute’s private Member group. If you’re a Member of the Institute, this is the perfect way to stay connected with peers, give and get referrals, and stay up to date on luxury market news.

3. Guest Post On Local Or Popular Websites

If you’re unfamiliar with guest posting, it’s simply creating a blog post or article for a well-known publication and getting credit as the author. The publication will often present your short bio at the beginning or end of your article with links back to your website so you can leverage the interest of their established audience.

This works to get real estate clients online for two reasons:

  1. Interested prospects looking for a luxury real estate professional with your expertise are getting funneled to your website without you having to pay for the click;

  2. Once your articles are published, you’re able to build credibility by linking to those articles from your website as well to show off where you’ve been featured.

Places to look for guest post opportunities are your local newspaper (since most local newspapers are also published online), or more well-known real estate sites like Inman and NAR.

You can also think about local influencers within the umbrella of real estate, like popular interior designers, stagers, investment bankers, or others who may have a blog with a passionate following.

4. Take Advantage of Your Member Profile

If you’re an Institute Member, keeping your Member profile up to date is one of the easiest ways to get real estate clients online.

Successful clients know Institute Members are some of the most skilled luxury professionals available to them, and many Members get leads through our directory.

Keeping your bio and testimonials up to date can help you get business without ever leaving your front door.

Want More Help Growing Your Influence?

Whether you’re a total beginner or a seasoned professional looking to reach your fullest potential, the Institute offers a wide range of valuable resources to Members and non-Members alike:

Visit your Membership Portal for brand new trainings, as well as our book, Rich Buyer Rich Seller: The Real Estate Agents’ Guide to Marketing Luxury Homes, which is available for free to all Institute Members and also available on Amazon.

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