Trend Alert: Elevators in Luxury Homes

Trend Alert: Elevators in Luxury Homes

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Although luxury home trends are sometimes difficult to predict, and some notable housing trends have faded as quickly as they appeared, many have their roots in lifestyle ease and lasting practicality. Home elevators are a primary example of a feature that is sure to add value and appeal for many distinct reasons. 

Home elevators are as diverse as they are appreciated. Whatever your initial reason for wanting a residential elevator, you’ll find a variety of options that are sure to enhance a home’s style, add convenience to daily living, and appreciate in value over time.

Not only does an elevator “future-proof” a home for residents and guests who might experience mobility issues, but an elevator simplifies loading and unloading household goods, stocking such luxury amenities as a basement wine cellar, or transporting groceries, laundry, sports equipment, childhood toys, and travel bags to other floors. 

Modern home elevators aren’t just utilitarian boxes. Instead, they are often statement features that enhance a home’s architectural design or serve as functional artistic amenities.

Whether the choice is to incorporate a showcase elevator into space adjacent to a staircase or hide a simple elevator shaft behind a closed door is an individual decision. Although it may be easier to incorporate an elevator into the planning phase for a new home, it’s usually possible to carve out space for a one-or-two-person lift in an existing home. 

While other trends may come and go, the home elevator is now viewed as a highly desirable bonus feature that speaks of style and sophistication in the distinctive luxury home market. Here’s why: 

  • Accessibility: Elevators provide an effective way to move residents, guests and goods between floors. Anyone who has ever lived in a two-story home knows how tiring it can be to make multiple trips up and down every day. Consider the benefits, then, to be enjoyed by having a private elevator, particularly if you live in a multi-story residence, or a home with a basement! An elevator accommodates a wider range of people — both adults and children. 
  • Convenience: Navigating stairs with an armload of boxes, laundry, books or any other goods can be difficult and tiring. An elevator eliminates the need to transport items by hand, and clears the way for a home’s staircase to remain clear for its intended purpose — foot traffic between floors. 
  • Marketability: Home elevators offer desirable resale benefits. Although elevators are highly utilitarian in nature, they can be designed as stunning period or contemporary “art” installations. They are a top-rated luxury item in the high-end market, and will always be viewed as a luxury item that is a unique amenity. 
  • Universal Design: Traditional staircases can be difficult to navigate for families with very young children or for those with aging residents and visitors. Universal design features that accommodate aging in place have become the standard for upscale residential design. As more and more families have a reason to celebrate multi-generational togetherness, home elevators are destined to become even more desirable. 
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Seldom requiring more than 15 or 20 square feet of floor space, an elevator not only adds multi-faceted convenience but can be either hidden away or serve as an eye-catching aesthetic element in tune with other architectural features. Unique elevators may also be combined with circular or curved staircases, or an elevator may be located in a preferred hidden, or remote, location.

While simple chair lifts installed onto an existing staircase might alleviate accessibility problems as residents age, they are often less than attractive additions, and they also reduce stairwell function. An elevator adds functionality and eliminates aesthetic concerns. 

Whether the luxury property is an estate on sprawling acreage or a compact two-or-more-level condo in an urban high-rise, an elevator is the simple solution to a complex problem. Home elevators are typically not difficult to install, add to rather than detract from a home’s inherent appeal, make it easy to traverse two or three (or more) levels, and always boost the assessed value. 

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