5 Must-Have Wellness Amenities in Luxury Homes

5 Must-Have Wellness Amenities in Luxury Homes

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An emphasis on health and wellness is not exactly a new trend, but today’s luxury homes include a variety of unique amenities that allow residents to pamper themselves as if they were guests at an exclusive spa retreat. The emphasis has shifted from simple, well-equipped fitness rooms with exercise machines and weights to spaces that encourage meditation, yoga, and mind-body wellness. 

Just as the game room and wet bar of past decades have morphed into full-scale entertaining facilities that include secondary kitchens, wine-cellars and pizza ovens, and the home study has become a fully-functional, sophisticated home office, the options for health and wellness amenities today go far beyond a soaking tub and steam shower in the master bath. 

Just what constitutes the “ultimate” in today’s wellness-oriented luxury home market?

Here are five current trends that have gained the attention of luxury home buyers and continue to grow in popularity. Although some are more suitable in specific locations, most can be adapted to any locale.  

Consider these features for a home that feels much like a spa retreat or a vacation destination. Whether owners opt to indulge in a daily physical workout or simply want to escape periodically from normal routine to relax and re-center their minds, these features can be personalized with an extensive range of options to suit individual needs. 

The list of options for health and wellness retreats is extensive, but the choices always serve to rejuvenate both mind and body.

The Fitness Center Comes Home

While a backyard basketball hoop is still popular, and a basement court is an even more upscale option, a fully-equipped fitness center is a luxury amenity that will allow owners to maintain a unique exercise schedule, even when there’s little time or energy to head to the gym.

Fitness enthusiasts invest in their favorite machines, whether they’re ellipticals, treadmills, stationary bikes, rowing machines, or climbing ropes. A TV allows workouts with favorite online coaches. For an added layer of convenience, a home workout center might be equipped with a shower and/or a jetted tub for after-workout relaxation, or the workout space can be situated adjacent to a home spa. 

Chase Away Stress with a Home Spa

Master bathrooms have been growing larger for the past several decades, but a dedicated home spa designed for all ages is a relatively new concept that makes a lot of sense for the modern health-oriented family. Think about an indoor or outdoor hot tub, cold-dip step-in plunge pool, sauna, steam shower or steam room, and a massage table for the ultimate in luxury and home wellness convenience.

With this kind of full-service spa, there might also be a wet-bar or mini-kitchen to provide a variety of  refreshing juices, flavored water and hot tea.

Consider a Salt-Water Pool

Salt-water pools are the new trend for a lot of reasons. They are not location-dependent, and an existing chlorine pool can be converted to salt-water. Such pools contain ten times less salt than ocean water, and use far less chlorine, so maintenance costs are typically lower over the long term. Swimming in salt water pools can also be more enjoyable, and the health benefits of swimming regularly are well-documented. 

Get Away to Your Personal Meditation Room

A meditation room can be the ultimate personal luxury, allowing individuals time to escape from the burdens and stress of a busy day and spend time practicing yoga, meditating, or simply relaxing with a good book and soothing music. By adding the individual features that are most appealing, the meditation room becomes a private escape pod.

Included can be comfortable seating, a floor mat, live plants, mirrors or inspirational artwork. Include a window to an outdoor pocket garden for a tranquil and calming effect. A meditation room is a very personal space. There are no design rules that must be followed.

Create a Healthy Kitchen

Commercial-style appliances and built-in specialty appliances can make life easier for all family members to prepare and consume nutritious, healthy meals. The variety of choice is enormous: Look for built-in woks, rice and grain cookers, steam pots, steam and convection ovens, juicers and smoothie-makers, air fryers and all sorts of time-and-energy-saving gadgets. A “living wall” might provide frequently-used herbs, or a “kitchen garden” just outside the door could provide tomatoes, berries, and other favorite veggies and fruits.

Stay Abreast of the Trends

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