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High net worth individuals, although known for pursuing a more lucrative lifestyle with high-end taste, have proven to value experiences above all else. While people of affluence are willing to invest large sums of money into items or brands, there are now higher expectations of what the product or brand should give back in return. Occasionally, this could be a profitable return, but often times, luxury consumers are simply looking for an experience or connection that can be a positive addition or improvement to their lifestyle.

Although luxury consumers have the means and capability to spend money fairly freely, they are careful not to invest in anything that won’t benefit or improve their quality of life.

With the increase of travel focused blogs and social media, the public now has an acute awareness of just how luxurious the top 1% are living, and better yet, vacationing. Traveling to beautiful and exotic places are considered a privilege to most, but for HNW individuals, it is a common and crucial part of their lifestyle. Traveling, for people of affluence, is a risk-free investment. No matter what tropical island, European village, or beautiful mountainous town is explored, these experiences are usually worth the cost and are a coveted part of their day-to-day.

With travel destinations and a demand for luxury hotels at an all-time high, luxury travel blogs are thriving in this digital day and age.

In fact, each year, updates it’s list of top luxury travel blogs recommended reading before planning your next lavish vacation. What makes these blogs thrive is how they market and share experiences from their own travel and bring to the table insight, suggestions, and advice for others in luxury looking for their next great experience. From events, hotels, and cuisine to the most secretive and private places to stay, the luxury travel blogging industry has not only raised the bar for traveling and luxury vacations but also guided the way we market to the HNW and UHNW individual.

When marketing to the top 1%, experiences above all should be the main focus. As a luxury real estate agent, your HNW consumer is not just looking for a house, but a home – a place that provides them a higher quality of life and entertainment. By taking a look at what luxury consumers love best about vacationing, real estate professionals can better pinpoint what aspects to focus on when helping HNW individuals purchase a lifetime home.

With evoking imagery, and high-quality media, sometimes even video, these blogs not only have many people wishing to live their lifestyle, they are also showcasing new ways for even the most seasoned HNW traveler to experience surprise and delight on their adventures. For those that think they may have possibly experienced or seen it all, these luxury blogs will help open your eyes to new travel possibilities and a richer and fuller overall experience. As a luxury real estate professional, your goal should be to evoke these incredible experiences and emotions for your clients when working with them to buy or sell a home. A home and its amenities play a large role in the lifestyle they are able to live. People of affluence truly want to feel like they are still being fulfilled, even without leaving their house.

Secondly, these top luxury travel blogs are driving traffic and connecting with their audience not only because of their valuable information but simply because of their trusted status and relationship with their readers. As you try to market and connect with HNW consumers, a firm foundation of equality and trust is necessary.

There is certainly something to be said for the way luxury travel blogs have positioned themselves as experts in their industry and are able to market and connect with the top tier of consumers. Regardless of your profession, it’s important to remember to take notes from other leading luxury professionals and to apply their insights and outlook to help you grow your network and build better relationships with your luxury clients.


  1. Based on our experience in dealing with foreign buyers from different countries and cultures, this year our marketing is focused on Experiential Luxury. Thanks for sharing this article.

    1. Thank you for your feedback. Please let us know any additional content needs or requests. Much appreciated!

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