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How Do You Find Wealthy Clients Online? Here Are 3 Ways to Connect

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As a new luxury real estate professional, you might wonder how to find wealthy clients without breaking the bank.

In fact, you might be wondering, “Don’t wealthy clients only hang out in places like yacht clubs, golf courses, and exclusive cocktail parties to which only the ultra-elite get invited?”

Yes and no.

While it’s true you’ll find quite a few prospective clients at upscale events and by participating in traditionally “wealthy” leisure activities like golf and yachting, there is a way to find wealthy clients without maxing out your credit cards and feeling out of place — and that’s online.

In fact, most wealthy clients these days are hoping to find an agent who is internet savvy to include online efforts in their real estate marketing strategy.

A decade ago, you wouldn’t find wealthy clients hanging out as much online as you do today. Much of luxury real estate prospecting was done in person and by word of mouth — and while that’s still the case for many luxury real estate professionals and shouldn’t be overlooked, there are now plenty of opportunities to find wealthy clients online as well.

This is especially true now that the millennial demographic is taking the luxury real estate market by storm, and now that most of the country is at home waiting out the pandemic.

Bottom line is, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of online prospecting in order to find wealthy clients.

To give you a head start, here’s where you can find wealthy clients without leaving your desk.

1. Facebook Groups

Don’t have a big budget to spend on online advertising? Facebook groups are an easy way to connect with wealthy clients — if you choose the right groups.

Now, it would be great if there were obvious group names that would lead you toward your dream clients, like “Potential Luxury Buyers of Los Angeles” or “Wealthy Homeowners of Sedona.”

However, just a little digging will get you where you need to go.

Consider this: most wealthy clients are entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs, and high-level executives. And guess what? There are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to serving those roles.

Some other ideas?

Home decor groups, golf groups, boating groups, and other hobbies that tend to attract a successful crowd.

The thing is though, self promotion is often not welcomed in these groups. Instead, your job in these groups is to keep an eye out for opportunities to add value.

Maybe someone mentions they’re looking for a new office space…

Or a colleague is looking into relocating for work and needs help finding a new place…

Or a new mom in your home decor group is looking for a home upgrade to fit her growing family…

These are the perfect times to pitch in and let them know what you do.

While it may not generate leads every day, it will definitely generate more leads and connections than not putting yourself out there in the first place.

2. Instagram

Younger and older luxury clients alike are spending more time on Instagram than ever before, for both business and personal use.

And let’s face it — who doesn’t love scrolling through beautiful luxury listings online?

Reality is, you can use that interest to your advantage. Instagram is the perfect place for you to use beautiful imagery to demonstrate your expertise.

But, don’t just post your listings and pitch. Post your listings and explain why certain colors sell, how to repurpose a barn into a classic car garage, or why people are choosing to have a yoga studio at home and how to make it feel perfectly serene.

The more you entertain, add value, and let people get to know you, the more you’ll find wealthy clients coming to you for help.

3. LinkedIn

This might seem like the most obvious place to find wealthy clients, but most luxury real estate professionals (in fact, most professionals for that matter) don’t use the platform to its full potential.

Rather than cold pitching folks in their inbox, start creating content that wealthy clients might find useful with LinkedIn’s “Write an Article” option.

Not sure what to write about?

Think of some of the most frequently asked questions you get out in the field and turn those answers into posts.

You can also post videos to your personal page or your business page, which is another way to share information if you’re more comfortable doing it that way.

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One tool is the Member Directory, which showcases you to anyone looking for a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist.

Another is the Online Wealth Lookup tool, which gives you a complete snapshot of wealthy clients’ assets and even some of their social and professional connections.

And, you get done-for-you social media content specifically aimed at luxury clients, right from RISMedia.

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