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Estate Of Mind Podcast Highlights: Luxury Live with Special Guest Louise Guido

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Welcome to the first full episode of our new podcast, Estate of Mind, where you can learn real-time actionable real estate marketing tips to get more listings and successfully market million-dollar homes!

Becoming successful in the upper-tier real estate market can be complicated. All agents, no matter how experienced, will face unique challenges when working with an affluent buyer or seller.

But you’re not alone. Working with the Institute and following along with this brand new podcast will help you identify and overcome these obstacles, whether they are real or perceived. Along the way, we’ll bring on guests that will help provide unique insights into these challenges. 

Whether you’re wanting to learn how to network with the affluent, improve your real estate marketing strategy, or deal with the stress that comes along with having a full schedule, we’ll leave no stone unturned as we guide you on your journey to real estate success. 

Our goal is to share the knowledge and experience of successful real estate professionals, coaches, Institute trainers, and other real estate experts experienced in working with high net worth individuals, so you can learn how to overcome the challenges of luxury real estate marketing.

Episode 1: Leaders In Luxury With Special Guest Louise Guido

To say Louise Guido knows a bit about real estate marketing would be a massive understatement. Louise, Director of Partner and Sales Development at The Wall Street Journal’s Consumer, Luxury, Travel and Real Estate division, as well as the Associate Publisher of–the luxury property destination for ultra-affluent global consumers. 

During her presentation at an exclusive Luxury Live event for Institute Members, Louise touches on a variety of topics, providing answers to both new and seasoned real estate agents alike. From the effects of certain tax law changes to the topic of Millennials breaking into the luxury real estate market as new buyers and sellers, Louise’s presentation is enlightening, to say the least. 

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • The findings of a Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones study of Mansion Global’s demographics and how they can help you improve your real estate marketing strategy

  • Where the affluent are relocating to, and what they want to spend their money on

  • The average number of properties owned by an affluent consumer and the average value of those properties

  • Why real estate is hyper-local, and the importance of the broker-buyer relationship
  • How brokers can cultivate better initial conversations with potential buyers

  • What is the core mindset of every luxury real estate buyer

  • The current state of international luxury real estate

And so much more!

Episode Highlights

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Consumer behavior is drastically different from one generation to the next. Understanding the needs and tendencies of each generation of luxury home-buyers will be a vital component as you develop your real estate marketing strategy.

In this episode, Louise digs into the generational differences between luxury buyers, and points out key similarities about what drives today’s luxury buyers, regardless of their age.

Louise points out that Gen Xers and Millennials are more inclined to purchase investment properties for cash flow, whereas Baby Boomers tend to own lots of different properties to use for their families and extended families. 

Similarly, Gen Xers and Millennials have different preferences than Baby Boomers when it comes to properties, and tend to shy away from ones that will require additional work or investment, opting instead for finished properties that are the closest fit for their needs.

Real Estate is the Foundation of Lifestyle

Luxury clients lead a very particular lifestyle, and real estate is at the core of it. As Louise puts it, “Real estate makes up the net worth and the portfolio of anybody…your money is in your real estate.” 

When most people think “luxury”, they think of brands like Louis Vuitton, Aston Martin, Chanel, Hermes, and other opulent labels – while real estate is “just” real estate. And while big names and high-end products are all certainly part of living a lavish lifestyle, everyone has to go home to something, and the place they call home is typically the foundation of the life they’re trying to create. 

Louise goes on to say, “No one buys a $5M home and puts a crappy car in the driveway and furnishes it with Ikea,” which is to say that no luxury lifestyle is complete without the home of your dreams, and that’s exactly what luxury real estate marketing aims to communicate. 

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