7 Tips For Creating Privacy and Security in Luxury Homes

7 Tips For Creating Privacy and Security in Luxury Homes

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Across the United States, break-ins and burglaries are on the rise. In New York alone, for example, state-wide burglaries increased a whopping 36.5% between April and May of 2021 alone. 

Unfortunately, luxury properties are often at a greater risk of intrusion—especially when these homes are secondary residences that may not be occupied year-round. More than ever, it’s important for affluent homeowners to take additional security measures around their properties.

The good news? There are more options available than ever before.

1. Install Security Systems

Luxury homeowners should invest in a high-quality security system that includes surveillance cameras, motion detectors, and alarm systems. This will deter intruders and alert you if there is any suspicious activity. Today, there are a wide range of robust security systems available that homeowners can set up/install themselves or pay a professional to install. 

Regardless, these systems provide a first line of defense for affluent homeowners, and they can often be controlled/monitored remotely—which may be ideal for those who own more than one property.

2. Add Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting that illuminates the entire perimeter of the home and other areas of the property can make all the difference in deterring burglars, especially at night. In general, criminals prefer conducting break-ins and burglaries in the dark where they are less likely to be spotted. 

With proper lighting, all access points of a home will be clearly illuminated. Motion-detection lighting is also recommended, especially around main entryways, garages, and other freestanding buildings on a property.

3. Create a Barrier with Gates and Fences

Adding gates and fences around a luxury property is an effective way to create a physical barrier between the home itself and the outside world. This can deter intruders while also giving homeowners a better sense of privacy and security.

Some homeowners may choose to add a locking gate that requires a code to open at the front driveway of the property, which can also prevent unwanted solicitors or other visitors.

4. Install Window Coverings

One of the most practical steps homeowners can take to improve security around a luxury home is to simply install window coverings. As tempting as it can be to leave windows uncovered (especially in homes with excellent views), this can be a serious privacy concern.

Homeowners may instead want to consider adding automatic blinds or curtains that will prevent people from seeing inside the home, especially at night.

5. Use Landscaping for Privacy

Strategic use of landscaping can also go a long way in creating additional privacy and security around a luxury property. Hedges, trees, and bushes can create a natural barrier around a property to prevent outsiders from seeing inside the home while adding privacy. 

Luxury homeowners should be careful, though, as landscaping placed too close to windows and doors can be used by criminals as cover to commit break-ins.

6. Upgrade to Smart Locks

These days, smart locks are readily available and easy to install. These locks allow homeowners to control who has access to their home by allowing doors to be locked and unlocked from the convenience of a smartphone or other mobile device.

This is a great way for homeowners to enjoy a greater sense of control while preventing unauthorized access to the property.

7. Hire a Security Team

In some cases, it might make sense for a luxury homeowner to hire a dedicated security team as an added layer of security. These professionals can physically patrol a property and keep an eye on any security systems to respond quickly to potential threats.

Ready to Elevate Your Career in Luxury Real Estate?

These are just a few of the many steps luxury homeowners can take to improve security around their properties. Whether they’re living in the home full-time, using it as an income property, or enjoying it as a vacation home, a little security goes a long way.

As a luxury real estate professional, staying on top of these emerging trends is key to a thriving career. Looking for more industry news and insights to take your career up a notch? Join the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing today!

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