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6 Summer Activities of the Affluent

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Want to see and be seen with your affluent clients? One of the simplest ways to start building a network is to participate in recreational activities that high net worth individuals are attracted to. Networking isn’t just about connecting on LinkedIn or through luxury events. You can establish and grow strong connections by joining people as you both have a little fun bonding over a shared activity or passion. Here are some summer activities affluent individuals tend to participate in.

Whether it’s because of a higher barrier to entry or just the power of peer pressure, certain activities seem to be more popular among the affluent crowd. While some sports are more favored by older generations, you’ll generally find a mix of people with new and old wealth participating in each.

1. Golf

wealthy golfers on the golf courseThe golf course is a traditional place to network with business associates. Despite golf losing some appeal with younger generations, it’s still ranked the number one most popular sport with high net worth individuals by Business Insider. Playing a round of golf with clients or prospective clients is a great way to create personal connections. If it’s been a while since you’ve dusted off your golf clubs and hit the links, taking time to get back into this hobby could help you start making inroads in the right social circles for your career.

2. Sailing

sail boatSailing and yachting are two popular hobbies amongst the wealthy and because there are so many different ways to take part in this sport you don’t have to be athletic to participate. If you do tend to enjoy trying new sports and testing your body, getting into dinghy sailing could be the right choice for you. Most yacht clubs will have sailing programs that teach you how to maneuver a one or two person boat.

If you prefer a less intense hobby, you could decide to go the yachting route. When sailing a yacht, you could hire a skipper to maneuver the boat for you as you cruise around for the day. People of all ages can participate in this activity, making it a great way to join families together.

Life in a land-locked area? There are probably local sailing or yacht clubs at nearby lakes that you could join. You don’t have to be on the cost to participate in this activity.

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3. Pickleball

pickleballPickleball is taking off among baby boomers looking for some low-intensity exercise. In 2018 there were about 3.1 million players in the United States, up 12% from the year before. The sport mixes the skills of tennis and badminton. It has a lower net than tennis and is relatively slower paced. Boomers with extra time and money for recreational pursuits are getting into pickleball as a way to stay active and socialize with their friends.  

4. Tennis

tennis player serving on clay courtTennis is still a popular spot among those who are active and mobile, particularly younger affluent individuals. Since technique and endurance are crucial to succeeding in tennis, it can be difficult to get into as a newcomer, but not impossible. Often, tennis clubs have additional activities that might interest members apart from just tennis. Whether that’s workout facilities a swimming pool, or so on. Even if you’re not into tennis, you could find socializing at the club a good way to meet people.

5. Polo

polo player on horse hitting the ballNot only is polo an expensive sport to play but it attracts a wealthy crowd that transcends generations. If you’re not athletic at all, getting involved in polo might give you a chance to participate in an activity without being limited by your fitness level. Regional polo clubs often host weekly matches. If you live close to one, consider joining or, at the very least, attending a match where you can network with other guests.

6. Trendy gym memberships

fancy gymIf you’re more of a gym person, consider joining a gym like Crossfit or Orangetheory that attract young people with extra cash who are quick to embrace trends. Many affluent individuals care greatly about their fitness and will put in time at the gym every day, or several days a week, to stay in shape. Seeing the same people so often at the gym can really help you establish connections and grow your network.

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