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3 Tips for New Luxury Professionals for Winning Listings: An Interview With Jamie Huggins

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Working as a listing agent has its perks…

A more structured schedule, higher commissions, and a whole world of expired listings to prospect.

But what if you’re a brand new luxury professional just learning how to work with luxury clients? How do you win listings? What goes into your marketing consultations?

To answer some of your questions, we spoke with Jamie Huggins, Broker and Director of Marketing and Development at Coldwell Banker Vanguard Realty’s Fleming Island, where he recruits, trains, and retains agents by helping them build more successful luxury real estate practices.

When Jamie started in his position back in 2006, the real estate market was just starting to take a turn for the worse. In response to the plummeting numbers his agents were experiencing, he developed a number of sales scripts designed to help struggling luxury real estate professionals with everything from prospecting to marketing consultations.

Since then?

He’s perfected these scripts and developed a reliable four-step process for winning listings and referrals, which he’ll soon be sharing in an exclusive training series through the Institute.

Here’s just a glimpse at a few of his best tips and tricks for brand new luxury real estate professionals who are ready to get new listings:

1. Practice, Practice, Practice… But Expect Things to Change

When it comes to marketing consultations, Jamie says practicing is key. He instructs his own students to know their listing package inside and out, and to even record themselves presenting it so they can watch it back…

Even if it makes them uncomfortable.

Why? Jamie mentions that the two biggest setbacks luxury real estate professionals experience at any point in their careers– but especially in the beginning– are fear and a lack of confidence.

He says practicing your marketing consultation front to back, over and over again, helps build that foundation of certainty before you step into your appointment.

That will give you enough to fall back on no matter which way the conversation turns– in fact, he says to expect the unexpected.

“Learn how to do it the scripted way first, full blown, but know that as soon as you walk in the door anything can change.”

2. Don’t Talk Numbers Until You’ve Sold You

While it’s critical to go in prepared with market research, you have to sell yourself first.

Jamie explains, “The market report shouldn’t come until the end. Now, I also teach that when you do a really nice pre-listing package, you should have a market report in there with all that market research. You get it through the Institute and send it off to them with your resume and the rest of the package… But don’t talk numbers in your marketing consultation until you’ve sold you.”

In other words, make the connection between you and your prospect before diving into the details.

3. Always Be Ready to Go for the Close

We asked Jamie what question luxury real estate professionals should always ask during a marketing consultation.

The answer: “Are you ready to work with me today?”

And how he elaborates on this answer might surprise you.

“Even if they ask, ‘what about your commission?’ or ‘what about the price?’, the answer is, ‘provided we get to those things, are you ready to work with me today?’”

That’s because at this point, the conversation has already happened. If they’re not sold at this point, they won’t be sold later.

“If they say no, then you probably missed on the lead-in when you were selling yourself… And you may even ask them, ‘is there something I said you didn’t like? Or something I showed you?’ But you have to cross that bridge before you start talking about the price.”

Bonus: Know Your Priorities

In the beginning of your career, it’s tempting to spread yourself thin so you don’t miss out on any opportunities. Jamie suggests the best way to run your business at any point in your career is to know exactly what your priorities are first, and let the rest fall into place.

He says, “You’ve got to build a rhythm to your business and to your life. When I plan with my students I always ask, ‘What are your life priorities?’… When you wake up in the morning you should be thinking about those top priorities, whatever they may be, and then your life will be built around that. Your business will work its way in because you’ll time block that, too.”

He also says not to be afraid to hire an assistant, contract out transactions, or anything else that might help you find the balance you need so you can always show up confident and ready to sell.

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