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New Skills For a New Era: A Letter From Institute President, Diane Hartley

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First, we’d like to welcome more than 2,000 Members who joined us this year. You made an incredible and timely decision for your professional growth and we’re looking forward to seeing your success with your new training and tools.

Since 2020 began, the Institute has undergone a quiet, yet exciting transformation. 

Like you, we’ve had a moment to reflect on our purpose. 

Some improvements we planned well in advance, and others have been a direct response to the changes happening in the world. 

But all of the improvements reflect one truth: this new era requires new skills.

That sentiment is at the core of all the changes we’ve made, and their purpose is to accelerate your professional growth even faster and with more clarity than ever before. 

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the improvements in our program you can look forward to:

A Simplified Institute Portal

Your Portal is your hub of professional growth with us. It’s where your tools, trainings, and other resources are waiting for you to take action. 

In the past, our Portal was underutilized, and with this moment to pause and look at our platform, we saw plenty of opportunities to make this essential piece of your membership more intuitive and easier to use.

You’ll find our new Membership Portal is more structured, easier to access, and is full of new resources for you to leverage on your path to luxury real estate success.

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • Complimentary access to the newest Luxury Online training, to watch at your own pace,  something we have never offered before here at the Institute.

    Our decision to offer this without additional cost to our members is simple: luxury real estate is changing quickly, and even if you’ve taken our training in the last twelve months, we guarantee things have changed. 

  • A new, updated version of Institute founder Laurie Moore-Moore’s book, Rich Buyer, Rich Seller. While it addresses timeless topics we’ve included in our training since the very beginning, this third edition is reworked for today’s luxury real estate professional. 

  • An exclusive course on how to create meaningful relationships with your clients and referral sources from leading business advisor, Steve Yastrow. In this course, you will learn how to make every conversation with affluent buyers and sellers more effective and successful. 

  • Our new Luxury Marketing Blueprint. The Blueprint outlines your next steps after taking our training, giving you a simple roadmap to implement your new knowledge and skills.

Exclusive Professional Development

Ever wonder how some real estate professionals get all of their business from referrals? Or how to excel in virtual luxury marketing?

We answer these important questions in our current and upcoming courses, which will go further into these topics than we’ve ever gone before. 

This is what makes the Institute Membership different. It’s a living, breathing resource that will continue to grow with you, with the industry, and with your unique clientele. 

Are You Ready to Emerge Stronger?

Undoubtedly, this a year no one expected. Yet during these first six months, we’ve seen some of our networks grow exponentially, using these challenges to push themselves forward. Our community continues to inspire us to offer world-class support and tools for professional growth, and we’re excited to see what the next six months have in store for us.

Subscribe to our new podcast, Estate of Mind, to keep exclusive training and conversations among the top-performing agents in our industry in your back pocket. You can also watch clips from Estate of Mind on our Youtube channel, here

Again, we thank you for being part of the Institute Community. We’re in this together.

Diane Hartley,
President, The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing


  1. Diane

    Thanks for the great updates on all the benefits Leaders in Luxury offers. I hope you are thriving during these unusual times. Looking forward to connecting in person as soon as we can.

  2. Are there any plans to have your course(s) authorized for CE credits in the State of Washington? Several of us are waiting for this enhancement.

    1. Author

      Hi Karola,
      We will have one of our Managers connect with you on this matter.
      Kind regards
      The Institute

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