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3 Ways to Optimize Your Luxury Real Estate Website for More Leads

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Having a website is a necessary part of any good real estate marketing strategy. However, long gone are the days when simply just having a real estate website was enough to stand out.

These days, although much of real estate lead generation happens via referrals and in-person encounters, a website is still a valuable vehicle that can turn visitors from interested to ready-to-act.

Fortunately, there are several ways to position your website as a recognized authority for luxury real estate buyers in your local market. By taking these steps, you’ll not only attract clients, but also solidify your brand’s credibility and integrity in a way that builds trust.

Creating a Better User Experience On Your Real Estate Website

In order to attract more qualified leads, you’ll want to ensure your website is easy to access and navigate. That means having a simple, clean, and easily “scannable” design and a clearly laid-out path for the user to follow.

In other words, you don’t want to hide important information deep inside of a navigation menu and make your users hunt for it. Simple and professional is the name of the game. But simply having a beautiful website is not enough.

You also need to…

Position Your Opt-in Form Front and Center

Offering valuable information, such as a guide to buying luxury real estate in your area, or an offer to notify users of the latest listings, can be a great way to not only attract relevant users to your page, but also to continually keep your brand “front of mind” with them.

One of the simplest and most valuable opt-ins you can offer? A luxury market report.

A luxury market report gives prospects a snapshot of the market of their choice, and demonstrates your expertise before you ever pick up the phone or coordinate a meeting.

The best part — The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing offers a FREE Luxury Market Report available for download every single month. Our most current Luxury Market Report can be found here.

And of course, in order to ensure prospects see the valuable resource you’re offering, put your opt-in form front and center on your real estate website.

Choose at least one or two places on your homepage — usually the header and footer —  where it’s easy to view, easy to determine what the offer is, and how to claim it.

This will not only help you reach more local users, but will also build brand awareness over time.

Create Content that Speaks Directly to Your Dream Prospects

This is a common mistake many people make with their real estate website. Oftentimes, their content is all about them. It’s about their experience, awards they’ve won, how many houses they’ve sold, and so on.

While it’s a good idea to have a page on your real estate website that talks about your accomplishments, it shouldn’t be the central focus of the website. And when you do mention your accolades, be sure to mention how each one of those accolades can potentially benefit your prospects.

For instance, if you have your Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist™ designation, let prospects know that means you’re up to date on the latest luxury real estate marketing strategies to sell their home.

Bottom line is, your content should be focused around client-centered language.

What can you do for them? How do you do it? Why should they care? What would make them want to act on that information right away? What makes you different from other agents out there? That’s the information you need to include.

Craft your real estate website content to show users why your name is the one they should know (and remember) in local real estate.

Make Proper Search Engine Optimization a Priority

Search engine optimization could be a post in and of itself because there are so many things to keep in mind. However, optimizing your content is a small step that can easily be done as you add it to your real estate website.

For example, breaking up your content with small “visually digestible” headings and subheadings (like this post) makes it easy for users and search engines alike to read.

Doing some basic keyword research and finding out what users in your area are searching for with regard to luxury real estate in your area — such as the specific neighborhoods and areas of town they’re focused on — can also help boost your efforts.

When you create pages around these terms and showcase listings for sale in these areas, it can greatly impact your site’s ranking in Google and other search engines, so take the time to do your SEO properly, and you’ll notice that over time, your rankings will improve.

These are just a few of the points you should keep in mind as you develop and refine your real estate marketing strategy. Make these concrete changes to your real estate website today and watch your lead generation grow exponentially as you attract new buyers who are ready to take action and make a piece of luxury real estate in your area their new home.

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