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Real Estate Marketing Tip: “Theme” Your Luxury Database Phone Calls

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When it comes to luxury real estate marketing, having a set strategy is an absolute must. Having a plan is important, and sticking to that plan is even more important. When reaching out to your luxury database, I recommend that you have a “theme” for each time you cycle through your calls to your database. This will ensure that your calls have purpose, and potentially benefit your database members. For example, for a call at the beginning of the year, you could offer to conduct an annual real estate review for them. Or, you could call them about unique investment opportunities, market updates and trends, and information you feel they should be aware of. Always think of these as customer service calls. By having a set theme for each of them, you’re providing the recipient with helpful information and providing value — and that’s what real estate marketing is all about.

When you start the call, take at least 15–35 seconds to build the bridge. How are they? What’s new in their life? Whatever you do, keep it all about them! After this interaction, you can now transition to business. Acknowledge the fact that you know they are busy and you don’t want to take up too much of their time. Explain to them that you are simply calling to give them an informative real estate update. After all, real estate marketing is about reaching the right audience with the right information, so be sure to note how recipients respond to the information you’re providing them with.

7 Tips for Better Phone Calls with your Luxury Database Members

Before you even pick up the phone, be sure to keep the following tips in mind while you’re speaking with someone:

1.) When they ask if you are busy and doing well, please don’t tell them how crazy busy and overwhelmed you are. If you do, they may assume you aren’t looking for referrals from them. Instead, consider responding with a more general statement.  “Things are good — thank you for asking — but I always have time to help another great customer. Is there anyone in your close circle of friends or family who might need my help?”

2.) Remind them of all the different areas and price points you cover. This will help prevent them from providing you with referrals within the specific market niche where they think you (solely) work.

3.) Tell them how much you value their referrals and appreciate their loyalty. Be sure to let them know how to get referrals to you. Ask specifically, “Who do you know today who might need my help?” instead of “Please keep me in mind. If you meet someone who needs my help will you please email me or call me so that I can reach out to them to say hello?”

4.) Ask about their real estate plans for the future and ask for their promise that they will call you when the time comes to make a change.

5.) Of course, always ask them what questions they have and how you can continue to be of service to them.

6.) Ask for their permission to call them again with further updates and commit to keeping them informed.

7.) Always thank them for their time and let them know you are just a phone call away.

When it comes to real estate marketing, it’s important to remember that providing your database with value will keep your database members happy. Real estate marketing involves not just promoting new properties, but also knowing how to effectively market your own expertise so that potential clients are comfortable coming to you to help answer their questions.

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