Top Trends for Spring 2024

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As a realtor, it is important to understand both current design trends and client expectations. Important design trends typically evolve over time and reflect changes in cultural and societal preferences, as well as technological influences.  

While designers are constantly looking to differentiate themselves and provide innovative ideas, they also need to ensure that their work remains relevant and resonates with their target audience. This highlights the careful balance between being creative and following new trends when deciding what’s fashionable versus personal preference. For these reasons, it’s crucial for realtors to grasp these subtleties as they could mean the distinction between a property selling swiftly or attracting minimal interest.

As we enter the spring months, and for many markets, what is traditionally the busiest period of home sales and purchases, we review some of the top trends, both indoors and outdoors. 


Home Automation and Smart Technology 

Homeowners are looking for technology to help them control many of the amenities within their homes, from lighting and temperature to security and entertainment. They want to do this from their smartphones, and many are now looking for these processes to be voice controlled. 

Energy Efficiency and Sustainability 

The significant demand for and emphasis on environmental responsibility has become a growing concern among luxury buyers who are looking for homes that both incorporate eco-friendly building materials and sustainable design principles. 

Experienced-Based Rooms 

Among affluent individuals, there’s an increasing focus on homes that offer more than just aesthetic appeal—they seek properties that serve additional purposes beyond functionality. Rooms and spaces may remain open plan, but now they must provide the homeowner with defined experiences:  

  • Kitchens are turning into culinary high-tech, premium showcases that also provide a comfortable gathering place for family and friends. 
  • Wellness is key, from private gyms dedicated to relaxation and fitness to spa-like bathrooms with steam rooms, jacuzzies, and massage areas. 
  • Home offices with tech integration and ergonomic features have become a standard request as many of the affluent now work from home. 
  • Home theatres have returned, but with upgrades to become a fully immersive experience – concession stands included!   

Customized and Flexible Spaces 

Homes that offer customized solutions combined with flexibility of use are certainly of interest to the affluent, who are looking to add their personal stamp without having to do any renovations. 

  • Versatile layouts that can adapt to different needs, such as open-concept areas that can be partitioned, multi-functional rooms, and guest suites with private entrances. 
  • Customizable areas that offer adaptable storage solutions for clothes or sports equipment, wine or art collections. 


Resort-Style Amenities. 

Luxury properties are now including amenities that have typically been associated with luxury resorts, with high demand for infinity pools, cabanas, outdoor kitchens, fire pits and even access to private waterfront spaces. 

Next-Level Landscaping 

Expansive, well-designed green spaces with lush landscaping and unique features have become a must for affluent homeowners. 

  • Sustainable landscaping practices will include planting native and drought-resistant vegetation, rainwater harvesting system, and eco-friendly irrigation methods. 
  • Privacy enhancements now feature tall hedges, privacy fences, strategic landscaping and gated entrances. 
  • Tranquil spaces must provide an area for relaxation and meditation as well as a sensory experience from natural elements such as waterfalls, fountains, organic pools, and lush vegetation. 

Al Fresco Entertainment 

In addition to flexible indoor spaces, the outdoors has fast been reimagined to suit the varied and more elaborate requirements of the affluent. Fully equipped kitchens, dining area, and lounges are now multi-seasonal. From heating elements and outdoor fans to retractable roofs and walls designed to regulate the temperature, the outdoors is being made more comfortable for all seasons. 

Wellness and Fitness 

Luxury properties are now incorporating outdoor wellness facilities, from naturalistic swimming pools, yoga decks, meditation gardens, and outdoor fitness areas with the appropriate equipment to even private sports areas. 

Integrated Technology 

Just like technology influenced changes on the inside, the outdoors is being enhanced with the integration of controlled features such as outdoor lighting, audio systems, security cameras, and temperature regulators. 

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