The Importance of A High-End Luxury Outdoor Space

The Importance of A High-End Luxury Outdoor Space

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If there is, indeed, a bright side to the world’s recent experience of a global pandemic, it may just be the increased importance of home and family, and the renewed interest in outdoor living space for activities with friends and family for personal relaxation and renewal.

The resurgence of interest is also viewed as a benefit in terms of wellness and healthy living. Access to safe, secure, enjoyable outdoor space, especially at home, has become a priority. Blending indoor-outdoor rooms are increasingly prevalent in the luxury home market.

Not surprisingly, buyers expect the same level of quality and the same attention to detail for both indoor and outdoor living space, with the expectation that they are able to enjoy both throughout the year. 

Outdoor Space Is More Important than Ever Before

Experts in multiple health and behavioral fields are quick to point out the measurable benefits of spending time in nature, citing the interrelationships of natural and built environments in both physical and mental health areas. Between work and home, it is estimated that most modern families spend up to 90 percent of their waking hours indoors.

Today, experts suggest a renewed focus not only on “bringing the outdoors in” with live plants, effective air circulation, pleasant views, and large windows to capture natural daylight, but also on actual outdoor time for breathing fresh air, watching the sunset, or tending a pocket garden. 

With or without a pool or covered patio, a home’s outdoor space can be considered another living area if properly planned. Whether a homeowner’s preference is walking the dog or tending the garden, active activity or simply sitting in the sun, being outdoors is good for both body and soul, according to experts. 

Sustainability is Key to Outdoor Enjoyment

Both residential and commercial buildings today emphasize sustainable and eco-conscious construction. Healthy environments are a priority. Architects and designers are now increasingly aware that outdoor spaces play a vital role in human comfort, and that a primary way to promote sustainable lifestyles and reduce adverse environmental impact is to incorporate eco-friendly features into home environments. 

Outdoor designs today include forward-thinking features that include rain gardens, green roofs, “living ponds” and other unique water elements, or even indoor-outdoor gardens and retractable roof sections, in an effort to integrate natural surroundings with living space.

Functional and Attractive Outdoor Spaces Add Value

Planned outdoor amenities add value and appeal to a property, especially in urban areas. If ground space is at a premium, such features as rooftop gardens and private terraces are an option. They cater not only to the need for comfortable outdoor living space, but can be standout features in a competitive market. 

Green features that include outdoor landscaped areas (think a home putting green rather than hardscape features like a tennis court or basketball hoop) have grown in popularity.

Outdoor firepits and hot tubs in covered pavilions will extend the seasonal appeal of backyard pools and outdoor kitchens. Contemporary heating and cooling options are also available to make outdoor living viable, no matter what the weather may be.

Indoor and Outdoor Lifestyles Complement One Another

As a luxury real estate professional, remember that you are not just selling a home. Instead, focus on selling a lifestyle by pointing out the benefits of outdoor living space and planting the idea that there are immense benefits and appeal in distinctive outdoor spaces. Potential buyers will respond positively!

Blending indoor and outdoor spaces leads to many advantages for different types of homeowners. Consider the following:

  • Enthusiastic hosts will appreciate the advantages of an easily accessible outdoor space for large gatherings.
  • A pleasant outdoor “room” gives family members additional options for varied activities, separately or together.
  • Well-planned outdoor patios and pavilions allow more natural light and fresh breezes to circulate indoors when sliding doors or disappearing window walls are incorporated.
  • Nature seems closer when inside and outside are blended, and that is a mental and physical benefit!
  • A home’s value is increased because outdoor spaces are not only beautiful but highly functional.

Take Advantage of Trend Reports

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