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Summer brings to mind many images of happy days. Perhaps it’s sitting on the patio sipping cocktails with friends under an umbrella. Maybe you think of cookouts with the entire family while the kids run around the lawn, or possibly you dream of warm summer nights around a bonfire with someone special. Whatever summer brings to mind, you can be sure that these are all things potential buyers will be considering as the days continue to heat up. It’s important to keep the season in mind when preparing a home for a showing.

Here are a few tips and tricks to suggest to your clients to help create a summertime space that sells

Drive Up WOW

Curbside appeal is crucial when selling a house, no matter the season – and the lawn is a small, but key aspect of this. Welcome your showings with a big, “Hello!” A well manicured home with a trimmed lawn and bushes, flowers providing spots of color and porch pots offers up a warm greeting and assurance of a home well cared for. If your client has a hard time with yard upkeep, always have your favorite landscaping crews’ business cards ready to pass along to recommend.

Clear the Clutter

Make sure all hoses and yard equipment are put away and stored prior to showing a home. In addition, pack away any toys, tools and empty pots so eyes stay on the property.

Create Patio Living Spaces

If the patio is free of living, suggest to the homeowner to purchase patio furniture. If a buyer can see themselves in a space they are more likely to make an offer. In addition, if your client has a fire pit in their outdoor space, have them set it up with logs – just as if they were about to have a bonfire. Again, make it easy for the buyer to picture themselves in the space by making it appealing to the eye.

Landscape Lighting Sells

Prospective homeowners usually always do an evening drive-by so make sure your home is well lit at night. Showcase your gorgeous trees, landscaping and home with beautiful lighting. Not only will this add a high end look and feel to your listing, but it will also make the outdoor areas safer. There are plenty of easy-to-install kits that can be found at your local hardware retailer.

Clean, clean, clean!

Make sure your client powerwashes all decks and patios, picks up miscellaneous items lying about the yard or deck and cleans all chairs that may be dirty or dusty. If your client has a pool make sure they keep it clear and free of debris. The cleaner and tidier their outside space, the sooner an offer is sure to come in!

Turn up the AC

Be sure to keep the indoor areas cool so that potential buyers feel relaxed as soon as they come inside. If you want to go the extra mile, have some refreshments available as well.

We hope these tips help make your summer selling a breeze!


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