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The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing is the best online training source for real estate and luxury home market professionals available today. Apart from the thorough training and skill building tactics the Institute also offers real connections and networking opportunities which places this company in the top tier of real estate training.

A recent review from a top Luxury Home Marketing Professional:

One of the most comprehensive classes I’ve ever taken! I loved the collaboration and networking opportunities of the live class and being exposed to all the incredibly creative marketing techniques my peers utilize! Phenomenal information on tapping into international buyers!”

Networking in the real estate profession can either make or break your career. By building connections with other agents and clients, you are helping to build a trusted reputation within the real estate community resulting in more clients and higher volume properties. Although life sometimes allows us to meet influential people in unintentional settings, you will most definitely have a better chance of making important connections if you intentionally put yourself in places to meet those people.

There are many benefits to growing your network and connecting with other agents and professionals in your industry. By linking up with other industry leaders, you have the opportunity to learn from their experiences and mistakes. An agent with more experience or a longer career than you can suggest the best ways to market yourself, build your client list, and better help your buyers and sellers. Not only can you learn from each other, you can also build business relationships that can potentially lead you to new clients. Be sure to build upon those relationships by continuing to communicate and even refer each other for potential leads. The relationships you build in this career should be lasting and beneficial to both parties. Along with building trusting relationships, networking helps build your reputation within the real estate community, while also helping spread the word about your brand and it’s successes.

Many have found not only the Institute training to be useful but also the endless amount of resources and networking opportunities that come with being a member. A former student stated, “I loved the opportunity to network with other agents in the Luxury Market!” (Jacquelyn Fenbert of RE/MAX Executive Realty).

By becoming a member of The Institute, you receive access to not only connect with leaders and teachers in the luxury home market but you also get connected as a member to leading real estate groups. Groups such as the NAC (North American Connection) and FIABCI (The International Real Estate Federation which consists of up to 2 million potential connections) are an included perk in your Institute membership benefits package.

Find out more about becoming a member and gaining access to hundreds of new resources and an endless network of professionals on The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing website.  


  1. I have a luxury listing in an area that doesn’t have the income base to support the price point. Any knowledge and expertise to expand into this market further is a plus!

  2. I am interested in becoming a member and would like tyou learn how to join immediately? I would love to attend the live two day training class in July in Dallas, Texas if possible. You can reach me at 704-905-7796 or via e-mail at 704-905-7796.

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