How to Make Your Luxury Listing Stand Out

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The process of selling a luxury home is simply different. There are fewer buyers, so naturally, agents need to not only create the “WOW” factor but also implement marketing strategies that capture the attention of other agents and potential buyers. Here are some suggestions when building a strategy to enthrall your potential audience.


Keep Up To Date

Make sure that you are keeping up to date with methods that will maximize the exposure of your luxury listings – but be selective as there are many “magic bullet” marketing ideas that are simply not going to provide the right exposure.

Creating a comprehensive strategy, that offers both traditional methods while taking advantage of new technology provides your clients with the knowledge that you are at the forefront of innovative marketing.

Institute members have access to training and insider information guaranteed to keep them on the front lines when it comes to the latest strategies and tools.


Utilize Professional Photography and Videography

We’ve said this before and we’ll say it again. Professional photography and videography makes all the difference in the world.

A professional who knows how to capture your listing so that it tells a story through stunning photography, in such a way that all of the best features are showcased, allows the home to really shine!

Videography can be key when selling a luxury home as the buyer may not always live in your area. Introduce the audience to more than just the home, take them on a journey that includes the surroundings and the lifestyle of the area using technology such as drones, google earth, 3D videos and virtual tours.


Build a Comprehensive Global Network of Prospects and Referrals

Marketing exposure in the luxury market must be greater than just advertising or networking locally – it is important that you establish a network that provides a global platform, helping you find and connect with the right discerning buyers.  

Members of the Institute are given access to unique tools and strategies that include the ability to prospect for potential affluent clients, investigate individual’s financial status, promote homes through the luxury focused print and web channels, connect with a network of luxury peers, utilize the services of luxury auctions and gain exclusive access to influential country clubs.


Empower your Property Listings

Ensure that ALL your marketing for the home is at the highest level, having magnificent photography is only part of the story, it’s important to create captivating headlines and emphasize the unique attributes of the home. Whether you’re using print or digital you only have moments to grab the attention of a potential buyer.

Creating the right visibility for your property by learning how to promote it effectively is critical to ensuring that you not only sell the home but are able to leverage your success and grow your business in the luxury market.

Work with experts in the luxury field from creating professional brochures, advertising and online presence to forming connections with organizations that will assist in your property’s promotion.


Online Visibility

So you’ve got the professional photos and video, written captivating copy and headlines, created effective promotional materials, now what?  Social Media is highly touted as being the vehicle that will help you gain exposure for your properties. BUT, we highly recommend learning the nuances of how to promote using this marketing strategy….true, we see luxury realtors taking advantage of these platforms, but successful results 

are only created by insight and understanding when leveraging its capabilities.

One differentiator for online marketing is to create a BLOG.  Put a post on your professional blog creating a story around the property’s most amazing “must-have” features. Complete it with photos and video for the whole package. But be strategic in your sharing – create a target audience of potential buyers, peers and promoters of luxury homes.

Remember the golden rule for any marketing strategy is the importance of analyzing its effectiveness – it takes time to build the right platform while keeping abreast with technology and new innovation, but in doing so, this will differentiate your abilities and increase your success.


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