Luxury Staging Trends and Tips for 2024

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 We all know that luxury real estate trends ebb and flow based on numerous factors from the seasons to the state of the economy.  Equally, design preferences tend to fluctuate with some new fads occurring while other trends remain timeless. Today, design is all about individuality and creating experiences — gone are the days of formulaic interiors and bland décor, even if they are luxuriously finished. 

To help guide your sellers, we have identified a short list of luxury home staging trends and tips that will be important this year. Working with an experienced stager can help you maximize your impact as a well-informed and highly insightful luxury real estate professional in your market. 

Here are several of the top trends that luxury real estate professionals should be aware of this year.  

A Return to Timeless Style 

Last year we saw big, bold, show-stopping changes. This year designers are trending toward nature-inspired colors with layers of stylish comfort and texture to create a more tailored look. 

Earthy colors of browns, greens, and creams are expected to create the foundation with colors and materials from the organic plate adding texture and contrast. People are seeking a calm environment that offers them a refuge from their busy day-to-day lives. 

Connecting the Inside to the Outside 

This trend still plays a dominant position as people will continue to want to bring the outside-in and inside-out. 

Natural light and views, outdoor plantings, and indoor greenery — a home that merges the natural environment with comfortable indoor living spaces is one that provides both an experience and comfort. The goal is to achieve a balance between interior and exterior that offers easy transitions between defined rooms and the home’s natural surroundings. 

Innovation to Drive the Smart Home  

Last year, the focus was on understanding what smart home technologies could offer. Plus, the talk about artificial intelligence became a reality as we all watched technologies like ChatGPT explode. In 2024, the affluent will expect to see the integration and implementation of predictive AI and biometric data management transform their lives, and they are looking for homes that offer these new technologies. 

From wellness to gaming, the advances in technology will change people’s lives, and interestingly, it is probably the older generation who will benefit the most, as it will help them retain their independence. Properties should be staged to showcase these amenities with an explanation on how the technology can schedule regular maintenance, be self-maintaining, and/or alert them when there is a problem. 

Experience-Based Spaces and Amenities  

Affluent buyers are looking for more than just a beautiful property, they want their home to offer them a choice of different experiences. Health and wellness, playtime, quiet spaces, lavish green areas, space to nest, security, and privacy all top the list of features and amenities that wealthy homeowners are seeking in their next home. 

Understanding these trends can help sellers in today’s market as they prepare their home – no longer is it about just a beautiful room, it’s about creating spaces that have a defined purpose and evoke an emotional response. “Ooh I can just see myself snuggled in this amazing den enjoying the evening sunset, a glass of wine beside a warming fire.” It doesn’t matter if they will do it, it is about showing the possibility. 

The Difference Professional Staging Makes 

Luxury home staging takes into account all the top trends that affluent buyers are searching for and with their keen eye they can turn an old playroom into a smart new workout space.  

Luxury home staging allows potential buyers to see beyond the lifestyle of the current owners, and to visualize how the home will adapt to both their family needs and individual personalities. Staging addresses such things as color, light, and room use, and even touches on improving curb appeal, landscaping, and maintenance issues. Effective staging not only enhances the appearance of the property but often improves functionality to elicit an emotional reaction as well. 

Professional staging displays a property in its best light, and can also decrease the number of days on market by as much as 33–50%. Typically, professional staging, combined with professional photography and a comprehensive marketing plan, will boost the sales price by as much as 20% or more.  

Don’t ignore the benefits of professional staging when listing and selling high-end properties. The return on investment is generally higher for the seller, and the real estate professional also benefits in the process. 

Stay Ahead with the Latest Trends 

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