Why We Love Facebook for Luxury Home Agents and You Should Too

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In the marketing world, even in the luxury real estate game, social media is an essential marketing tool. And like every other social media platform, Facebook plays a critical role in how you reach your target market.

However, the question remains: Are you utilizing Facebook correctly and to your advantage?

Contrary to what you might think, simply accumulating page likes, building a brand name, and seeking out high engagement rates for your posts just isn’t going to cut it.

You have to use inbound marketing.

Unlike traditional outbound marketing techniques that focus on ad spots and generally ineffective email campaigns sent to purchased email addresses, inbound marketing tactics focus on producing relevant, quality content that your target market is naturally drawn to, naturally inclined to read, and naturally aligned with.

Facebook can be used as a lead generation tool. However, it is much more than that. When you use Facebook as a lead generation tool, you have just become an online information marketer. Your readers want content that is informative and relevant, so you have to use Facebook within your target market scope.

  • Target your efforts. No, really target them. Include strong calls to action that will guide prospective leads to your website or email sign-up landing page.
  • Post relevant, informative content regularly…as in 3-5 times a day. You can automate social media posts via sites like Buffer.
  • Don’t focus on engagement as much as you focus on relevance. Leads driven to your website are far more valuable than any number of likes a post can get.
  • Use a variety of content: video, photos, blog posts, etc. Diversity is your friend.

Keep your eye on the prize. You’re using Facebook to get prospective leads on your email list. Focus on that and you’ll be golden.

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