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A Place to Call Home

Meghan and Harry, and baby Archie will soon call Canada home. We can all envision lavish luxury palaces, but what features will likely be on their house-hunting list? And where will they set roots to raise their family?


One can only guess that the Sussex’s are yearning for some simple family time with their son, and with friends – away from the watchful eyes of the media. There are some majestic residences on secluded parcels of land, even within the Greater Toronto Area. 

stone pathway and iron gate leading to a luxury home at night

A Sense of Community & Top-Notch Schools

As new parents, a swanky condo overlooking the heart of downtown – although fun – is likely the furthest thing on their mind. Perhaps they could see themselves with a gorgeous waterfront home close to some of the best private schools?  North Vancouver or Oakville would check that box easily, or perhaps Aurora which hosted other royals.

Speaking of Intelligent…

“It’s bedtime…” They won’t just be speaking to Archie – they may be telling the whole house! Buyers in this age group are used to ordering car service, dinner, even coffee from their smartphones or their watches. Controlling their home should be no different. In order to capture the attention of this super tech-savvy power couple, luxury listings should have the automation to control everything from lighting to window treatments, temperature, security – even the indoor pool. 

Discerning Taste, Impeccable Quality

Despite their modern and forward-thinking approach to life as young millennials, they are still Royals who have experienced the finest things in life. It would be hard to imagine them without stunning crystal chandeliers, imported marble, and fine custom craftsmanship.

Have Your Say

Where do you predict Harry and Meghan will choose to live?

In Toronto near her friends, and a shorter plane ride to the UK? Or, will they choose the West Coast, where they love to enjoy the great outdoors, and not far from her Mom in LA?

How do you envision their luxury home? Will it be somewhat traditional, or will they show how modern they truly are?

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