How to Compete With Listing Portals in 2020

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If you’re considering a transition into the luxury home market or planning to start a real estate business, now may be the best time to take the first step.

With online listing portals gaining momentum in the real estate industry, real estate agents in the traditional market face increasing competition with online listing portals.

While some luxury listings do appear on online listing portals, there is still more incentive for high-end clients to seek out luxury real estate agents than to list or search for homes on their own.

Most luxury real estate sellers realize that their transactions require certain expertise along with a developed luxury home marketing strategy, while buyers want to work with an agent who they know is deeply knowledgeable about market trends and can show them properties that may not be publicly listed.

These busy clients want to work with agents who they know are well-trained and well-connected because they know it will save them time and trouble. 

Looking forward into 2020 and beyond, agents who invest in luxury home marketing training may possess a significant advantage over traditional real estate agents.

Consider earning your CLHMS designation to help you stand out 

Earning your CLHMS designation signifies that you’re equipped with businness and real estate marketing strategy that specifically apply to luxury home marketing, which makes your services more attractive to high-end clients who tend to seek out agents with specialized knowledge.

Therefore, while traditional clients may go straight to online listing portals like Zillow or Trulia to begin their sale or purchase, clients in the luxury real estate market are more likely to ask their peers and colleagues for referrals and for certified agents.

Beyond providing you with cutting-edge luxury home marketing strategies, your CLHMS luxury real estate training will also offer you the tools you need to consistently create referral-worthy experiences for your clients, which will help you generate new and repeat business without having to rely quite as heavily on using expensive lead broker sites.

Remember to market yourself consistently

Along with mastering luxury home marketing, mastering the way you market yourself can help you stand out in your local market.

Sometimes, even buyers and sellers in the luxury market will turn to online listing portals simply because they aren’t familiar with any local agents.

If you’re breaking into the luxury home market or just about to start a real estate business, consistency is the key to getting noticed locally. Even when you start to land clients or listings, be sure to get into the habit of integrating marketing into your regular routine so that your brand has time to saturate the market. 

Despite the fact that all luxury buyers and sellers may not rely on online listing portals as much as traditional clients do, just about everyone does their research online to evaluate the services they plan on using.

Positioning yourself as a resource in your particular niche through your website and social media can help give you the online presence needed to stand out, gain trust, and attract higher-quality prospects. 

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