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Estate Of Mind Podcast Highlights: Leaders in Luxury With Special Guest Andrew Hong

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Best practices in luxury real estate marketing are always changing, and anyone who has sold a multimillion-dollar home or two can attest that the path to luxury real estate success can be complicated.

But agents today are some of the most fortunate. What was once an industry that relied on door knocking and cold calling is now an industry that lends itself to online marketing, meaning there’s less legwork involved in prospecting now than ever before. 

In our second episode of Estate of Mind, we’re taking a look at inbound marketing and how luxury real estate agents can leverage its benefits. 

Modern luxury real estate marketing is about getting your target customer to come to you by creating value for them before asking for the sale. But how do you do this? 

By creating and distributing remarkable content which provides help to solve problems that your customer is facing. 

There’s too much noise out there on the Internet to build a relationship with your customer any other way. 

Our special guest, Andrew Hong, is the co-founder of the Tobe Agency, a growth marketing agency located in Los Angeles, CA. Andrew has spent years in the online marketing world, as well as the real estate world. 

In this episode, Andrew workshops The Tobe Agency’s key strategies for helping high-end real estate professionals build meaningful connections with their clients using the inbound approach to digital marketing.

In this episode, you’ll discover…

  • Content ideas for luxury real estate agents to use in their luxury real estate marketing strategy

  • A quick breakdown of SEO and why you should pay attention to how you use it in your content

  • Ideas for nurturing your email list

  • How to create an “inbound experience” for potential clients

And so much more!

Episode Highlights

1. Email Isn’t Dead!

Andrew tackles the popular belief that “email marketing is dead” and that those email campaigns you’ve worked so hard on are ending up in people’s spam folders. 

The reality is that when you provide real value and help people, email marketing works and should always be a part of your luxury real estate marketing strategy.

When your email marketing has a heavy emphasis on education and value, by the time you do pitch your listings or services, the prospect is more open to receiving it. You’ve positioned yourself as a helper and spent time building trust. 

2. Create Content That Connects With People’s Challenges

As Andrew says, “The quickest way to someone’s heart is talking about stuff that they care about.” We’re trying to build a customer-centric experience with content, not a never-ending stream of pitches and listings. 

When you put out content that addresses people’s challenges and you make that content easy to find with effective SEO practices, you start to attract prospects rather than chasing them.

3. SEO Strategies Don’t Work Overnight

Andrew talks about using SEO as part of your luxury real estate marketing strategy, including how and why it works. One of the biggest takeaways from this segment is that SEO strategies take time to implement and also take time to yield results.

If you’re starting an SEO strategy with the goal of getting organic traffic and leads from your agent website or blog, be willing to invest at least 4-6 months of time and effort in creating consistent content.

Andrew strongly suggests doing your research on keywords and key pillar types of content before investing any time or money in SEO.

4. Leverage the Institute’s Member Profiles

Andrew works closely with the Institute to help us rank organically for one of the most competitive keyword phrases: “Luxury Home Agents”. But if you search that term on Google, the Institute will be the first organic result.

This creates the perfect opportunity to take advantage of your Member Profile, which allows affluent buyers and sellers to easily find you through our directory of certified members when they’re looking for a qualified luxury real estate agent. 

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