15 Descriptive Words to Use When Selling a Luxury Home

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As a luxury real estate professional, you know that even the most incredible homes don’t sell themselves. Many components go into the listing, marketing, and selling of a property in the luxury market, such as furniture staging, adequate lighting, and high-quality photos and videos. Yet, all these components will not shine without a carefully crafted listing description to promote the property.

Learning how to craft a compelling description for your property listing is one of the most effective ways to ensure your post attracts more potential buyers, which is critical if you want to sell the home quickly and above the listing price.

If you’re hitting a patch of writer’s block or are simply looking for some phrases to spruce up your luxury real estate descriptions, we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 descriptive words and phrases to use in your MLS listing, social media campaigns, and print and digital marketing materials to help give your property listing a boost.

15 Phrases to Use in Luxury Real Estate Listings

1. “Soaring Ceilings”

High ceilings make a home look and feel more open and spacious, which are traits a prospective buyer will want to see in a luxury home.

2. “Postcard-Perfect Views”

This phrase suggests that the property is located on a picturesque plot of land, which is important for many buyers. You should only use this phrase if your description includes high-quality photos that can serve as proof.

3. “Flooded With Natural Light”

Potential buyers shopping for luxury homes typically want plenty of windows and natural light throughout, so this is a perfect phrase for homes meeting that criteria.

4. “Exquisite Living Experience”

This phrase is worth calling out if a home or community offers amenities that elevate the living experience, such as an on-site pool, fitness area, or sauna.

5. “Chic”

The phrase “chic” implies not only that a property is trendy and luxurious but also more customized or unique as well.

6. “Custom-Built”

Potential buyers often equate the idea of a custom-built home as being superior to a “cookie-cutter” home, so this is worth calling out in a listing description.

7. “Trophy Property”

This phrase suggests that the property is luxurious and worth showing off, which could generate more interest among affluent buyers.

8. “Coveted Community”

Listing a property in a “coveted community” implies a high-demand location that many people want to live in, which may pique a potential buyer’s interest even further.

9. “Lush Landscaping”

Prospective buyers are interested in more than just the inside of a luxury home. This phrase assures them that the outside of the property is just as beautiful as the interior.

10. “Restore and Relax”

This is an excellent phrase for describing an outdoor space, such as a deck or patio, to convey the feeling of being home.

11. “Flowing Layout”

This phrase suggests that the home has an open yet sensible layout ideal for entertaining family and friends.

12. “Meticulously Maintained”

Regardless of the age of a luxury home, prospective buyers want to know that it’s been well-kept throughout the years. This phrase inspires confidence in that regard.

13. “A Remarkable Find”

This creative phrase implies to prospective buyers that purchasing this home is more of a rare opportunity, all in hopes of creating a greater sense of urgency in scheduling a tour of the house.

14. “Al-Fresco Dining”

If a home has a great deck or patio space for outdoor dining, this phrase is great to call that out.

15. “Uncompromising Quality”

This phrase implies luxury without explicitly using the word, informing affluent buyers that this property is the top choice.

Ready to Take Your Listings to the Next Level?

These are just some of the many descriptive phrases luxury real estate professionals (like yourself) can use to make their listings stand out from the crowd. As the competition increases in the luxury real estate market, it’s time to revise your listing descriptions and gain more traction. As a Member of The Institute, you’ll have access to ready-to-use marketing tools to strengthen your marketing strategy and gain valuable insights from top luxury real estate industry experts. The Institute also offers a wide range of resources to invest in yourself at any stage in your luxury real estate career, so give yourself the gift of growth today in your career as a luxury real estate professional and contact us today.


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