10 Best Instagram Accounts in 2019 for Luxury Home Inspiration

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Staying on top of the game when it comes to luxury real estate in 2019 means paying attention to what others in the marketplace are doing. Not only do you want to see what the luxury home trends are, but what destinations are most popular for luxury real estate and how sellers are marketing their properties. Instagram, especially, can be a great place to find images of listings and style inspiration.

Here are 2019’s best Instagram accounts to follow when it comes to luxury homes.

10 Best Luxury Home Instagram Accounts

Whether you’re doing competitive research, looking for motivation or just trying to learn how to run your own Instagram account by following an example, these top 10 Instagram influencers are good to follow.

1. @luxuryhomes

What to follow for: Beautiful videos and photos of the interiors and exteriors of luxury homes, complete with tags to architects, videographers and real estate agents in the comments. Some active listings will also have the price and MLS web ID.


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2. @houses

What to follow for: Check out the Instagram Stories of this account that bring you behind-the-scenes of some of the world’s most beautiful properties.


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3. @luxury_listings

What to follow for: Every photo that’s posted is an active listing at time of posting. The captions include the copy for the listing (you can see how other agents are crafting their luxury listing copy) as well as listing price and contact information for the agent.


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4. @houseaddictive

What to follow for: Expect beautiful design inspiration with some details about active listings.


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5. @mastersofluxury_

What to follow for: Expect photos of stunning properties around the world with some lifestyle content thrown in.


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6. @contemporaryhomes

What to follow for: Curated by architectural advisor Josue Hotema this account posts strictly contemporary, upscale design.


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7. @highclasshomes

What to follow for: This account is run by real estate professional Amir Yazdani and offers a mix of business, lifestyle and luxury home content.


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8. @theaperez18

What to follow for: Adi Perez brings a mix of real estate news, professional updates, quotes and luxury real estate listing photos to this account.


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9. @janekeltnerdev

What to follow for: Jane is the style director at Architectural Digest and brings you into her aesthetic with each delightful post.


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10. @barclaybutera

What to follow for: Find flawless luxury interior design inspiration.


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Tips for making social media productive

Before you jump on Instagram and get lost in a black hole of luxury home listings, here’s are a few ways you can make sure you maximize your time on the platform.

  • Monitor how much time you’re spending: It’s easy to download an app (or enable time tracking on the newest iPhone update) that can show you how much time you spend on social media each day. If you’re worried about it eating up your time, monitoring your hours on the platform is a good way to stop that.
  • Schedule your posts. A social media scheduler like Buffer can help you plan posts weeks in advance so you don’t have to log in each day to fuss with the platform.
  • Only follow relevant accounts: If you’re using your Instagram primarily for real estate, weed out the extra account that could clutter your feed and get you off task. Consider creating a separate account to separate work and fun.

Stay current with the trends

It’s easy for social media, particularly Instagram with its endless scrolling, to be a time trap. It doesn’t have to be, though! Put your Instagram to good use by following these popular accounts and learning something while you scroll. Knowing the trends give you the knowledge to make the best deals and advise others on where the market is headed.

We’d love to see how you’re using Instagram. Post your username in the comments below so we can start following you.
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