What Can Membership Do For You?

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We all bring different skills to the table. At the Institute for Luxury Home Marketing, we seek to bring those skill sets together into a community of like-minded real estate professionals with similar goals. Expanding your network is essential to growing in the luxury real estate market.

Additionally, membership with The Institute opens a multitude of doors with potential clients. When you become a member of The Institute, you are given a profile on the “Find a Member” section, which you can use to find other agents like you. What unique skills do you possess that make you special and help you stand above the rest in the luxury real estate market? There is someone out there looking for an agent like you, and The Institute makes finding those connections so much easier.

As a member of The Institute, you can expect:

  • to find real estate professionals with the knowledge, skills and expertise to fit niche markets and needs
  • to find an easy start to the process of co-listing, should you need to
  • to find members that are experts in the luxury home industry and have completed extensive training to build additional competencies
  • to gain access to exclusive market insights and the latest market strategies

The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing is a community made up of luxury agents practicing in dozens of countries, all with the education and skills to serve affluent buyers and sellers. Our extensive network is made up of professionals who specialize in all areas of residential real estate, winning clients and marketing properties in innovative and strategic ways.

With The Institute’s Find A Member database, you can connect with highly qualified and educated real estate professionals who can help you as a referral and as a friend.

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