Understanding Paid Digital Media

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In a recent Institute member webinar, Will Hayes, Senior Growth Strategist and Head of Paid Marketing at the Tobe Agency, shared an overview on how to implement a successful paid digital media campaign.

In this blog, we look to summarize his insights – but recommend that you take the time to review the webinar by accessing it in the Personal Marketing Webinar section found in your member portal.


Like any other marketing campaign, Will recommends that it is always important to understand your objective. He shared that dividing the objective into three parts facilitates building a stronger campaign, by understanding:

  • Business goals – ie. Increase in sales for the year
    • Marketing goal – ie. Create new clients or new listings
    • Campaign goal – ie. Increase lead generation

Thereafter, your campaign needs to be SMART:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Timebound

To this effect, you will need to understand the importance of:

  • The efficiencies of a tracking system
  • Investigating the costs and resources involved
  • Learning the best methods of lead conversion
  • Appreciating the costs of digital media
  • What to expect in terms of conversion rates
  • Why testing is a necessary step.


In digital media there are two types of channels – social media and search. In this section of the webinar Will dives explains the differences, expectations and costs of these two channels.

Search Engine Marketing 101

Understand the intricacies of placing Ads on search engines such as Google, and delve into three must have requirements for creating great campaigns:

  • Targeting based on Keywords
  • Creating the right Ads – including headlines, branding and descriptions
  • Landing Page that provides a lead generation tool.

Social Media Marketing 101

Think of social media as a way of driving brand recognition as well as pushing potential leads to either do a google search or go directly to your landing page or website. 

Discover how in Meta (Facebook and Instagram) to

  • Find your Audience
  • Research the difference between:
    • Interests
    • Custom Audiences
    • Lookalike
  • Boost Posts
  • Determine whether you want to do Lead Generation or Brand Awareness Ad
  • Create Engaging Content

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