The Top 7 Luxury Home Trends for 2018 you Need to Bookmark

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While minimalism, the driving force of home decor over the past decade, still reigns primarily, luxury homes have continued to evolve and shift. With affluent clients, we see an overall bigger appreciation for art and history than the average consumer. Taking notes from decades past, we now see more culture, color, and appreciation for unique and vintage design than ever before in the luxury space.

Just as high-waisted Levi jeans and 70’s bell bottoms have made a return in the fashion world, design trends for luxury homes are also following the revival trend. Let’s take a look at what decor and design trends we will continue to see rise in 2018. Whether you’re making recommendations to luxury home buyers looking to keep in trend, or helping luxury home sellers pick the best theme to stage their home for sales, knowledge of in-trend design of your luxury clientele is a must to win over any deal


For years, wallpaper was something you possibly only saw in your grandmother’s old guest bedroom, but the wallpaper world has definitely had a makeover in recent years. Bold and modern prints with hints of metallic have made their way onto the scene along with rich accent colors, to help add a eye-catching pop to any room.

Don’t be mistaken, wallpaper isn’t being used to plaster over every wall in the house, but inst

ead is used as a tasteful accent or added texture. Using wallpaper on only one wall in the bedroom can create a headboard style accent wall or a perfect addition to a dressing room.


Lamps and light fixtures can make or break a room and currently, lighting design is tearing a page out of the past. With the once popular Edison bulb resurging as a main theme in rustic and modern decor over the last couple of years, we can only expect more vintage lighting to rise from the ashes.

Elizabeth Mayhew, Today show style expert and designer, says that not only does retro lighting add interest to your home, the lighting in earlier decades and centuries was also often better made. Just one more reason we find this trend so incredibly appealing.


Bold floral prints and abstract florals are a huge trend for this upcoming year. While it may seem like a risk to some, those that have embraced the trend, definitely feel the reward is worth the risk.

“Think dark, large-scale floral wallpaper in a powder room with a subtly striated marble countertop, faceted crystal sconces, and antique gold fixtures—and a typically mundane bathroom becomes a conversation piece.” Writes Jennifer Tzeses of Mansion Global.



Marble has paved the way for luxury over the last decade or more, but concrete has pushed its way into the design world and is standing firm, slight pun intended.

Concrete gives a sleek industrial element to your home and can project as being extremely luxurious when paired with other bold accents, such as the wallpaper mentioned above. Affordable but impactful, concrete paves the way for new finishes and textures to evolve.



We have seen white, greys, and neutral take over the design scene with the surge of minimalism, but with retro style and a heavy art deco influence, rich and moody colors are back and more powerful than ever.

In order to refrain your home from dating too quickly, stick to slightly saturated reds, oranges, deeper blues, and mossy greens. According to HouseBeautiful, deeper gem tones and metals with wood accents and white contrast modernizes your home with beautiful color that isn’t too overwhelming.


With the rise of rustic decor and Joanna Gaines famous love affair with white-washing Shiplap, typically an exterior wood found inside homes often beneath the drywall, we will continue to see a variation of washed woods and finishes.

While white-washed wood and a light natural unfinished look are two of the most common, don’t be too quick to write off the oak-y heavily grained finishes. Designers are also turning to cerused wood, which entails using white pigment to fill in and better show the unique grain lines of the wood, creating more interest and texture.


Along with the cerused and washed wood looks, other natural elements are becoming a huge part of luxury design. These timeless fundamentals create a clean space that also last much longer down the road.

Stone, exposed brick, and woven textures in the decor, create an earthy and sustainable feel to your home while not losing any design or creative components. The look of luxury plus a design that is beautiful and lasting, we’re sold.
While it takes more than just design and decor to make a house into a home, we know that many homes can be transformed through some of these luxury elements that can help truly separate your home and make it stand out in a crowd.


  1. THANK YOU FOR THIS ARTICLE . Here in Colorado we are seeing these ideas even in homes that are not part of the “Henry” or High net worth group of Luxury homeowners.
    -Kimberly Fels
    RE/MAX of Boulder

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