Using Facebook Live to show luxury listings

Leverage the Power of Facebook Live In Your Luxury Real Estate Marketing Strategy

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Over the last few years, video content has yielded some of the highest engagement rates out of any other online marketing content. But beyond video, live streams have become an essential online marketing tool that has grown exponentially in engagement rates since its release. Facebook Live, in particular, has seen 3.5 billion broadcasts on its platform since 2016 with 2 billion viewers. 

In other words, knowing how to use this platform in your luxury real estate marketing strategy is key for taking your reach to the next level.

Fortunately, luxury listings practically lend themselves to Facebook Live platform. Who doesn’t want to take a virtual tour through a gorgeous home? 

Let’s look at a few ways Facebook Live can boost your marketing strategy:

1. Virtual Showings

This is the most obvious use of Facebook Live, but it works. Especially during these times, having a Facebook Live strategy to show your luxury listings is essential for keeping business moving. 

These should be conducted just like you would show a home in person. The most effective showings focus more on the interesting aspects of a home rather than every closet, drawer, or ceiling fixture. And although these are live and have lots of room for improvisation, they should still be structured. Before the walkthrough, explain what prospects are going to see and when you’re going to be answering their questions. 

The key to generating leads with these walkthroughs is to create a private group for each Live. To join the group, users must provide their email and phone number. That way, you won’t end up with hundreds of onlookers who just want to see the inside of a luxury home.

Afterwards, you can post the replay of your Live on your page for everyone else to see. 

2. Q&A Sessions

When networking events are cancelled until further notice, you create your own! Q&A sessions are especially helpful right now since prospects can’t meet with you in person and networking events are cancelled. 

While these don’t directly sell your luxury listings, they help build trust and credibility with your audience. To make the most of these, let your audience know what the main topic of your Q&A will be a few days in advance so they can think of questions they want to ask. 

It’s best to host these on the same day and time every week, or every other week (or even once per month if your schedule is packed) so people can get to know you on a regular basis and know when to show up. Be sure to pick a time when you won’t be busy with other projects, and schedule this time into your planner as if it were an important appointment – because it is! 

One way to ensure participation is to run a Facebook ad campaign that targets home buyers and sellers for your upcoming Q&A Session. You can redirect them to a landing page where they can subscribe for notifications and send out an email blast to all registrants right before you begin.

3. Neighborhood tours

Part of selling luxury listings is selling the community. Hosting neighborhood tours on Facebook Live is a fun way for new buyers or investors to get to know your area and see how well you know it.

These can highlight certain parts of your community each week, every other week, or even each month. For example, one Livestream may highlight a certain park where your city holds farmers’ markets, yoga classes, or other activities, and another may focus on the main dining and entertainment strip. 

As you walk through your neighborhood, it’s also a great time to introduce yourself to new prospects who may be watching, interject some of your story, and ask your audience questions they can answer in the comments area.

How to Get People Watching

If you’re serious about using Facebook Live to your advantage, it’s worth a small investment up front to boost your announcements that you’ll be going Live. If you’re bootstrapped, a highly-targeted, low-budget Facebook ad campaign will work just fine.

Since anyone can view your business page if it’s public, let people know they need to be following you to be notified when you’re going live (do this on your page, since you can’t ask users to follow you in your ads). 

It’s best to wait a few minutes when you start your Live to give people a chance to join. Those first five minutes are a great time to ask people where they’re from, if they’ve ever been to your area, or other rapport-building questions while people settle in. Also, sending Facebook event invitations will give people an additional reminder.

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