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How Luxury Agents Can Leverage Their Social Media Pages

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As a luxury real estate professional, you already know just how competitive the market can be. Finding a way to differentiate your services from that of other luxury real estate professionals is an absolute must — and staying on top of your game begins with honing your online presence.

Specifically, if you’re not already leveraging your social media accounts to grow your reputation and build your business, it’s time to start.

The Importance of an Active Social Media Presence

Why is social media so essential in the world of luxury real estate? It’s about developing a personal connection with your audience, which printed ads cannot as easily provide. With social media, you gain a unique opportunity to share a piece of yourself with your clients and potential leads, thus opening up the doors for incredible networking and growth opportunities.

How to Optimize Your Social Media Page(s)

Of course, your social media presence is only as beneficial to your business as you make it. So, what are some tips you can keep in mind as you aim to optimize your social media pages for the luxury real estate market?

Balance Personal and Professional

Start by assessing the type of content you share on social media. By its very nature, social media can be very personal — and in luxury real estate, that will work to your advantage. When they browse your social media page, your clients and potential leads are looking to learn more about your personal life and how that might influence your brand.

With this in mind, it’s important to avoid posts that are purely promotional in their context (like those “just sold!” or “listed!” or “open house!” posts). While there’s nothing wrong with sharing when you’ve made a huge sale or received an industry award or recognition, you can gain more engagement with your clients if there is an ideal balance between personal and professional posts.

Share Your Hobbies and Interests

Your social media page is an excellent opportunity to share your hobbies and interests with potential clients and leads. It makes sense that people want to connect with their real estate professionals because wouldn’t you prefer to work with somebody who shares some common interests and values?

If you ride a motorcycle as a hobby, use your social media platform to post photos of you with your bike. If you served in the military, you could share information about this on your social media page as well. Some real estate professionals will even post the occasional photo of their children, spouses, or families as a means of better connecting with their followers.

Educate Your Audience

Last but not least, use your social media page(s) as an outlet for sharing valuable and relevant information with your target audience. This doesn’t mean just copying and pasting a link to a news article about the luxury real estate market. It means sharing your thoughts and insights on industry happenings in a way that could spark interest and engage your readers.

When you share insight into a particular market or some other type of industry news, you’re helping establish yourself as a thought leader. Consequently, your social media audience will begin to trust you as the go-to authority in your market, and will potentially reach out to you in the event they’re looking to partner with a luxury real estate professional.

The Bottom Line on Social Media for Real Estate Professionals

As you can see, a little bit of effort can go a long way in building your personal brand and reaching potential leads through social media. In many ways, social media is unique because it allows you to share more of yourself in a less formal setting than a print ad or resume. At the same time, it’s important to strike that all-important balance between professional and personal when using social media as a real estate professional.

How will you begin leveraging your social media page(s) to build your brand with these tips in mind?


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