Dramatic 70s to Cool Aesthetics – Revealing Stunning Interior Designs that Luxury Realtors are Reporting as Trending in 2018

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Being in the know on luxury interior design trends is critical when dealing with your high-end clients. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the top trends luxury realtors around the globe are reporting right now!


70’s Hues

The 70’s are back in a big way. 70’s trends are dominating right now from music festivals, to bell bottoms and overalls, to Interior Design. We recommend sticking to slightly saturated reds, oranges, deep blues, and forest greens. According to HouseBeautiful, deeper gemstones and metals with wood accents and white contrast modernizes your home with beautiful color that isn’t too overwhelming.

Manna House by Jeremy Levine Design – Photography by Tom Bonner – Job ID 5947

Cool Concrete

“Anyone who loves contemporary architecture appreciates the concrete aesthetic,” said Zackary Wright, executive director of Christie’s International Real Estate in Asia and North America. He goes on to say that it is tough, long lasting and easily maintained and that for the right buyer it is a cool and edgy addition to a home.

Concrete really shines when it is paired with bold design choices such as bright colors, plants and even wallpaper. For ideas on how to incorporate wallpaper into your home, see our previous article, 4 Luxury Home Trends Dominating 2018.

Seeing Double

Today’s Luxury Kitchens are about having a minimalistic look at feel. That means finding a way to hide all your unsightly appliances. The most popular ways to do this have been to incorporate a butler’s pantry that houses not only dry goods, but also has a counter space for items such as juicers, blenders and the like. Alternatively a huge trend that is on the rise is to simply have two kitchen spaces – one for cooking, and one for entertaining. And while we’re seeing double, we need to add that the biggest must have for a luxury kitchen in 2018 is a double oven.

Au Natural

2018 has been all about taking it back to the basics, and that means finding those natural textures in your home and really highlighting them. For some this may mean showcasing an exposed-brick wall. For others it may mean bringing in those natural textures in the form of stone or woven accents. Either way, the more down-to-earth the textures feel, the more luxurious your home will look.

Bringing the Outside In

Plants are the ultimate multi-purpose house decor item. In addition to providing clean air they also have the ability to look stunning when displayed properly, and depending on the plant could provide you with an indoor medicinal or herb garden. No luxury home would be complete without bringing these natural beauties indoor in a spectacular way such as a plant wall or large installation.


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