How to Decorate with Geometric Patterns

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Recently, we released “The Top Luxury Design Trends You Need to Know for 2019” in which we mentioned that Geometric Patterns are one of the hottest new trends for 2019. Below, we want to take a moment to illustrate some ways, both large and small, to bring this bold design into your home.


Subtle Geometry



One way to subtly incorporate geometric patterns into your home is to use them as an accent piece.



Some of our favorite ways to do this are to use decorative throw pillows, lampshades, curtains or rugs.

By using geometric patterns as an accent you create a fun and trendy space that is easy to mix up and change.



Probably the most classic use of geometric patterns in the home can be found in kitchen backsplashes and bathroom tiling. By incorporating geometric patterns in these locations, you are making use of one of the hottest trends of 2019 in one of the most timeless ways possible.


Be Bold



If you want to be bolder with your use of geometrics in your space, then we recommend finding a great chair or couch and upholstering it so that it is covered in a fun geometric pattern.

This is a great way to create a focal point within a room.



Alternatively, one of the more creative uses of geometry we’ve seen would be in geometrically structured lamps. Whether they are hung from the ceiling or placed on a side table, a  good geometric lamp is sure to be a conversation starter.


Be Fearless



To really embrace the geometric pattern trend and live creatively, we have a few knock-out suggestions that are sure to get your space talked about and admired.

One way to really showcase geometric patterns would be to have an accent wall.  Wallpaper is in and offers a simple solution for this trend.


Tempaper’s “Intersections” in Black on Black. Click Here to Purchase. Photo by Tempaper


If you’re nervous about the commitment of putting wallpaper on your walls, never fear. There are lots of companies such as Tempaper, that offer beautifully patterned temporary wallpaper that is easy to remove and change out. The best part? If you don’t find a pattern that suits you, you can always design your own!


If you want a more creative way to decorate your walls with geometric patterns, we suggest hanging a series of repeating mirrors. Not only do the mirrors make your space feel larger, but they have a unique art installation feel to them that will really make your home stand out.


If you want to take it a step further, having an accent ceiling really creates a space worth being talked about.



Lastly, getting a great conversation piece of furniture is a classy way to be fearless with the geometric trend. Some of our favorites incorporate brushed metal for a high-end, art-deco feel.


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