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December Luxury Market Report Summary: The Era of Holistic Living and Millennial Buyers

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As the year and decade comes to a close, we find ourselves in an exciting time for luxury real estate. December’s Luxury Market Report shows that we are at the very pinnacle of witnessing new groups of influence usher in a whole new range of lifestyle trends that are sure to extend beyond 2020. 

As a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist, luxury clientele rely on you to help them buy, sell, and invest according to these trends, so staying up to date with our monthly reports is essential during this new wave of influence.

The Era of Wellbeing

When we look at how to sell luxury listings in 2020, one of the most important things to consider is our luxury clientele’s ever-growing desire for holistic living. Almost all of 2019’s Luxury Reports showed a noticeable shift away from “McMansion” estates and towards properties that fall into the “New Urbanism” concept. Luxury sellers are looking for Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialists who can help them position their homes as such.

Millennials Are a Growing Luxury Market Demographic

This shift is partly due to a growing millennial demographic entering the luxury market, and to ignore this group is to miss a huge opportunity. They have been slower to enter the market, but now that they are catching up to their predecessors, they see the value in homeownership.

Because this market presents such a significant opportunity and is still largely untapped in the luxury real estate market, it is important for new and seasoned luxury real estate agents who want to work with this group to get serious about their online marketing strategy. 

One recent study featured on Fortune Builder showed that 99% of millennial home buyers found their home online, and more than half of them purchased a home that they initially found on their mobile device. 

Checking for details, such as making sure that your agent website is optimized for mobile devices, or that your MLS search looks clean and branded, are important ways to show millennial buyers and sellers that you understand what they’re looking for and how they operate in this space.

Why 2020 Needs to Be the Year You Earn Your CLHMS Designation

With a somewhat difficult year behind us, the start of 2020 is the perfect time to consider becoming a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist. While the market is always changing, the addition of technology advances is accelerating those changes like we have never seen before. It is more important now than ever to stay connected to luxury trends to stay relevant in this challenging, yet highly rewarding market. 

Beyond having dynamic marketing strategies at your disposal, becoming a member also gives you access to exclusive tools like our Online Wealth Lookups tool and WE Prospecting, which allows you to create a custom mailing list of precisely targeted and qualified affluent prospects, based on the criteria you choose.

Our trainings are available both online and offline, yet we encourage agents to attend our Luxury Live events to network with some of the best minds in luxury real estate. 

If you’re ready to change your career this year, click here to find out more about earning your CLHMS designation. 


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