5 Closing Gifts to Give to Your Luxury Real Estate Clients

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“Putting your best foot forward” with clients in luxury real estate involves finding the perfect closing gift to commemorate the sale or purchase of a unique property. But it can be difficult to know what is proper and what might be considered “over the top,” or even inappropriate. While you definitely hope your clients will remember you, you want their impression to be lasting and favorable, leading them to think of you as a trusted real estate professional they would recommend to friends and business associates.

What kind of closing gifts fill the bill? There are many options, from the traditional bottle of champagne to a dinner (with or without you) at the best steakhouse in the city.

Your choice will hinge on the specific circumstances of each transaction. Rely on your personal knowledge, and tailor your gift to the unique relationship you have built with your luxury real estate client. Based on your assessment of their likes and dislikes, their preferences, and their lifestyle, select a gift that will be usable and appropriate.

The seller of a large and luxurious home who is intent on downsizing and simplifying probably does not need a fine crystal decanter and matched set of wine glasses, but might be thrilled with a dinner for two at a fine dining restaurant. Or, if they are leaving your area, consider gifting them with dinner or tickets to a stage performance in their new location.

Exercise your ingenuity, and base your gift on your personal knowledge and assessment of their interests. A wonderful gift for newcomers to your region might include guided tours to nearby attractions, a gift certificate for a consultation with an interior design firm or a landscape designer, an informal catered dinner at the new home the day their furniture is due to be delivered, or weekly delivery of fresh flowers for the first month or two of residence.

Here are 5 more suggestions to consider when determining gifts for your luxury real estate clients:

Luxury Real Estate Gift #1 — Tiffany & Co.

Is there anyone who doesn’t know the distinctive blue box and white bow that signify a gift from Tiffany? And is there anyone who doesn’t gaze upon such a box with distinct anticipation? We don’t think so. So, whether your choice is a monogrammed crystal ice bucket or a pair of crystal champagne flutes, a sterling silver frame or a whimsical tic-tac-toe set, your gift is sure to create a lasting impression.

Luxury Real Estate Gift #2 — Anything Hermes

Whimsical, colorful conversation starters from the nearly two-century-old French design firm may be just the ticket for a closing gift to please a one-of-a-kind client. Again, it’s the thought that counts, right? And, if that thought is as imaginative as a round music box, a unique salt shaker, or a vibrant coffee table photo album from the legendary House of Hermes, it’s bound to be treasured by your affluent home buyer.

Luxury Real Estate Gift #3 — Luxury Pens

Signing the paperwork at closing will be a special treat when your sellers or buyers use a Montblanc pen. Choose a special edition fountain pen, or a funky ballpoint to match the personality of your client, and know that this is a gift that will keep on giving pleasure to its proud owner for a long, long time. Complimentary personalization and gift wrapping are standard.

Luxury Real Estate Gift #4 — Champagne or Fine Wine

If your clients would appreciate a special bottle of bubbly, or a case of fine wine from an up-and-coming vintner, there is little that will be more appreciated by a knowledgeable connoisseur. If you’re not certain about what to order, consider a gift certificate from a reputable supplier, allowing your client to select favorite types and vintages.

Luxury Real Estate Gift #5 — A Custom Home Portrait

Most home sellers feel at least a twinge of regret when they contemplate a move, particularly if it has been a place they have lived and watched their children grow up. It stands to reason then that they would be pleased to have a memento of the life they lived in that home. It could be anything from a black and white architectural rendering to a watercolor rendition of the home in its springtime glory.

As an alternative, book an appointment with a local artist and new buyers — let them create a personalized portrait of the family in the yard of their new home, complete with the family pet!

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  1. I have given dinner, and also a very nice bottle of champagne, and a home portrait (all at different times). I think my favorite was the portrait of a 1902 home that my clients fell in love with.

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