Get a Head Start on the Holidays with these Luxury Selling Tips

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The holidays can be a challenging time when selling home – clients still wish to have their homes appropriately adorned to celebrate the time of year, but as their Realtor, it is important to advise them about keeping their home ‘ready-for-sale.’

Here is some advice you may wish to share with your clients during this holiday time:


Why the festive season could be an excellent time to sell

Contrary to many people’s beliefs selling a home during the holiday season has some underestimated benefits.

Firstly, buyers who are searching for a home at this time are rarely speculators, typically they have a much stronger need or desire to buy a home.

Secondly, there is traditionally less inventory on the market so buyers have fewer choices.

Thirdly, statistics show that holiday times are actually the time when discussions and decisions are made about moving home – as there is less distraction from work requirements.



Deck the Halls – Sparingly

If your home is on the market or being prepared for sale then it’s important to recognize that potential buyers must still be able to envision the home as their own.

We recommend keeping decorations simple, such as a wreath on the door and using a tasteful nature-focused centerpiece. Keep the color scheme to reds, whites, silvers and golds as these colors are more likely to evoke an emotional response – avoid greens. If you must on putting up a tree, make sure that it is small and out of the way.

It is crucial to keep your landscaping and outdoor maintenance team coming regularly as the entire home is more visible in the winter.


Find a Realtor Who Will Work Harder – Despite the Holidays

Any seasoned Realtor can tell you that the holidays are the hardest time to sell a home. That’s why it’s crucial that you find a Realtor who is willing to work even harder for you during this time.

Finding a Realtor who is willing to go the distance will make the process simpler and more streamlined, freeing up more of your time for seasonal activities and end-of-year business preparations.

We recommend looking for a luxury designated Realtor. A designation signifies that that individual has undergone the necessary training to be an expert in luxury and has the skill and knowledge to do what it takes to sell your home.


Look for the Right Buyers

Most individuals aren’t going to be looking to purchase a home or estate around the holidays. This is why it is important to be targeting very specific buyers. These include:

  • Buyers on a deadline
  • Buyers who are relocating or looking to purchase a second home for work purposes
  • Investors on tax deadlines
  • Individuals looking to purchase a home as a holiday gift

By targeting the right buyers you are more likely to sell your home quickly and at a higher price.



Create a Cozy Environment

Creating a welcoming environment is always a necessary step when selling a home, but it is even more crucial in the winter months – especially if your home is located in a colder region.

Some tips and tricks for warming up a home include:

  • Turning up the heat – make your house a refuge from the cold.
  • Play soft classical music to relax prospects from the hustle and bustle of the holidays
  • Provide seasonal treats and charcuterie
  • Create a cozy environment by having a fire in the fireplace and decorative throws carefully placed throughout the living area
  • Offer a warm beverage
    • We recommend hot cider form the stove as the scent will waft through the space and provide a pleasant scent

If you give people a reason to linger, they will notice all the unique details that make your home so special!


Selling a home during the busyness of the holidays can be difficult – but it can also be one of the best times to sell. Follow these tips and you are sure to find success.


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