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Two Key Qualities Needed to Succeed in the Upper-Tier Real Estate Market

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Many real estate agents and brokers talk about the beginning of their career, and the frustration they felt when they realized that the things they learned for the license exam had little to do with the day-to-day practice of real estate. A lack of knowledge can breed a sense of insecurity, making it difficult to pitch clients or negotiate deals with more experienced agents. We talked to expert trainer Tami Simms about how competence and confidence contribute to more successful outcomes and greater professional growth.


According to Simms, building competencies can involve everything from understanding how to work with market data, being an expert on specific architectural styles, understanding landscape architecture, and more. Even understanding the difference in appliance brands between a $1 million house and a $5 million house is a competency that can set you apart with both buyers and sellers and assist you in successfully negotiating.

In addition, when you are pricing and marketing your listings, these competencies can inform the way you present the home, especially when married to a thorough knowledge of the market. Now add competence in marketing platforms, social media, and networking and you create the leverage that moves upscale properties.


Why do some agents and brokers find it difficult to pitch themselves and their services in a buyer or listing presentation or enter into a tough negotiation and come out a winner? According to Simms, it’s because “They are not confident. They’re intimidated either by the buyers and sellers of luxury properties, or they’re intimidated by the other agents working in that market space.” As you build your knowledge and expertise—in other words, your competence—there is a direct connection to confidence.

Confidence comes from “being better, knowing more, being strategic,” and understanding the market and process, said Simms. While many sales gurus talk about confidence as a product of daily affirmations or positive thinking quotes, it’s really a natural outgrowth of superior knowledge and insight.

Build your confidence by building your competence, either through additional education and professional training (such as the Institute’s live or online training courses), designations (such as the Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist certification), networking, or market analysis. Get out and preview properties. Find a mentor and model their behavior. The more you know, the better you will feel about your own abilities; that will translate into game-changing confidence.

Tami Simms is a real estate marketing expert and accomplished trainer. Her background in advertising and as a concierge at a luxury resort provides her with real insights on reaching and serving the luxury consumer. Committed to community involvement, Tami has more than twenty years of non-profit board experience and ensures that volunteerism and good corporate citizenship are integral parts of her personal and professional life. She serves on numerous civic, municipal, and non-profit boards and committees in her local community and statewide. Learn more about Tami at

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