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AND SO A STAR WAS BORN…….Now it’s your turn to SHINE!

Audrey Hepburn became synonymous with the terms elegance and captivating, however she saw herself as average looking, if not slightly boyish, too skinny and socially awkward.  But, Audrey had a great capacity for ‘improvising’ that allowed her to survive through an unconventional childhood, near starvation during World War II, become an actor who chose to take on a multitude of challenging character roles, and then an aspirational world ambassador.

Every day we improvise, we find ourselves in uncomfortable situations often having to think on our feet at the last minute.  Being a luxury real estate professional, especially when working with the wealthy, the privileged and the international elite often requires us to constantly readjust our mind-set in order to rise to the challenge and take on stressful situations.

At this year’s Leaders in Luxury Event we are delighted to bring you more than just a little Hollywood glamor, but the opportunity to learn the techniques and advantages of mastering Improv’s stardust from the experts themselves – The Groundlings.

“Our goal, through the practice of improv is to empower you to flip the script from ordinary to extraordinary, access new levels of confidence to connect with people both at their level and culturally, become comfortable with the uncontrollable and exude confidence and dynamic thinking that will effectively set you apart from your competition.” says Alex Staggs, Lead Teacher at The Groundlings Theatre & School.

While Audrey did not come from this talent filled genre directly, actors such as

Will Ferrell

Kristen Wiig

Melissa McCarthy

Lisa Kudrow, Chris Parnell, Phil Hartman to name a few, are proud members of their Alumni.


Then join us at this year’s Leaders in Luxury, if you are CLHMS or Guild Member with The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing.


Leaders in Luxury is truly a unique experience. No other event offers such intimate networking opportunities with prestigious agents and industry leaders. There are less than 20 seats available for Leaders in Luxury 2018.

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