How to Build Trust With High-Profile Clients

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If you work in luxury real estate for long enough, you’re bound to come across a high-profile client or two. Luxury real estate agents are already aware that working with wealthy clients can often require meeting a different set of expectations than in the traditional market, but a high-profile client can have an especially unique set of needs when it comes to networking. 

If you plan to attract high-profile clients to your business, having your CLHMS designation can signify that you take your position seriously, which is the first step to building trust. 

Beyond that first step, building trust with high-profile clients requires a significant amount of preparation and flexibility, but the payoff is worth it. These clients are usually well-connected, which can mean more referrals for you in the long run if you can prove that you’re dependable. It’s also worth noting that just because they’re considered “high-profile” doesn’t mean they’re more demanding—they just need someone who understands their different set of needs. 

Here are some tips on how to build trust with high-profile clients:

1. Act With Discretion

In 2017, private listings were the second most popular trend in real estate, which proves that privacy is and always will be a priority in the real estate industry. When working with high-profile clients, luxury real estate agents need to take caution when it comes to finding out what their client is comfortable with.

Private listings are typically the best way to avoid dealing with unqualified buyers who just want to see the inside of a high-profile client’s home, especially if they’re a celebrity. To make private listings successful, luxury real estate agents must diligently expand their network of other agents and brokers. This can help them build a list of active agents who may have potential buyers or properties for their clients without publicly sharing any of their information.

2. Stay Ten Steps Ahead

As always, anticipating your client’s needs is the backbone of premiere service. With high-profile clients, luxury real estate agents should always be planning ten steps ahead to accommodate their clients’ busy schedules, and most importantly, to protect their privacy.

You can build trust by suggesting that your client create an LLC or blind trust to carry out their transaction to protect their name, and you can also set up private viewings of potential properties to help them avoid unwanted attention. Listen carefully to your clients and be sure they know you are always working to save them time and hassle. 

3. Be Flexible With Your Availability

High-profile clients are usually on the move. They’re frequent travelers, which means they’ll often be in different time zones. They also tend to have a number of commitments taking their attention. With those things in mind, luxury real estate agents who find themselves working with high-profile clients will need to have some flexibility when it comes to communicating. You may get calls late at night or early in the morning because those are the only times your client has available. 

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your clients know when the best times to reach you or set professional boundaries, but if you want to create a truly seamless experience that will land you a referral or two, it’s best to accommodate their hectic schedules as much as possible.

While working with high-profile clients can be a bit more challenging, it can also be incredibly rewarding and lucrative once you can earn their trust.

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