The Art of Luxury Networking

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The Art of Luxury Networking – How to Achieve the Results you Want

“Networking is an investment in your business. It takes time and when done correctly can yield great results for years to come.”      

Diane Helbig, Business Advisor

This year’s Leaders in Luxury turns a literal and dramatic eye on the core philosophy of how to maximize your NETWORK; within your peer group, to prospective clients and through the leaders in our industry.  

Why are Networking Events Important?

In today’s luxury real estate market, where inventory levels are increasing, it is becoming very apparent that having a strong network of key relationships and connections is going to be a very important differentiator in the success of an agent selling their luxury portfolio.

Networking events provide a true opportunity to start building relationships based on getting to know an individual better – not just what they do or know, but more importantly who they are.  

The art of luxury networking should be seen, not as a one-time sales tactic, but as a long term referral process where visibility creates credibility that ultimately drives profitability.  

“The richest people in the world look for and build networks, everyone else looks for work.” 

Robert T. Kiyosaki, Businessman and Author

Selecting the right types of luxury networking events to attend is critical – by focusing on the question, “what do I truly wish to achieve?” you will know if it’s the right choice for networking.

At the very core of The Institute for Luxury Home Marketing’s philosophy is their dedication to assisting their members in the creation of the right networks, in their training, member benefits and at their events.

GUILD™ Members at the Annual Leaders in Luxury Event in November will experience the opportunity to understand how to take luxury networking to the next level. In an intimate and highly engaged forum, the focus will be on how to maximize and enrich their networking opportunities within the building of long-term strategic relationships.

Take a peek at this year’s location at Terranea, California – and enjoy some of the highlights from last year to set your expectations…

“Networking is not about just connecting people. It’s about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities.”      

Michele Jennae, Director, National Career Education


People with People

This event offers a setting with unprecedented access to leaders in our industry and the opportunity and encouragement to engage with luxury experts on a truly personal level.  

“I come to this event because of the caliber of agents, I’m a luxury agent and I want to network in the perfect environment where we share listings and ideas”

Cindy Hansen, Orange County, CA


People with Ideas

Our Speakers are focused on providing insights and identifying the skills and services that you need to integrate into your strategy when working with the ultra-wealthy.

“My favorite insights were the amazing updates in marketing strategies with regards to wealth and learning new skills on how to interact with the people of high net worth.”

Andrew Arlegui, Charlotte, NC

Leaders in Luxury is designed for real estate professionals who work specifically in the high-end and provides attendees a schedule of events that you cannot find at any other networking event.

People with Opportunities

Opportunities come in many ways when you surround yourself with the right people; traditionally you would think of this as a referral for new business.  However, at The Institute we like to think dynamically, not just recognizing members who are raising the marketing bar, but by providing the opportunity to share their innovative and successful strategies.

“The marketing strategies submitted by the elite agents attending this event are unique… just shows how creative and clever this group is, and offers us the opportunity to learn from each other”

Debbie Murray, Dallas, TX

ALL attendees are invited to submit presentations, for Marketing Awards in one or more of these categories

      • Social Marketing
      • Personal Branding
      • Innovative Marketing

Leaders in Luxury is truly a unique experience. No other event offers such intimate networking with prestigious agents and industry leaders.

Now is the time to become BOLD in your luxury real estate strategy, so don’t miss this BIG opportunity to take your luxury business to the next level. Space is limited so register now!

Active GUILD™ Members are welcome to register for Leaders in Luxury…click here.

If you need to verify your active membership level then access the registration link, please login to your account and select Leaders in Luxury from the Members Only drop down menu.

Need help registering? Call Laura Saladino, our Membership Education Specialist, at 214.485.3000 x.106

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